"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, September 23, 2011


Some days my children are such sweet angels. Today was not one of those days. But, that's ok, because I have my ways to make them see the light. My son started the day off by complaining and arguing on the ride to school. On and on until I wanted to scream. So, I did. As he made his way into school, surrounded by his friends, I hollered through the window, "LOVE YOU ELLIOT, LOVE YOU - DID YOU HEAR ME, ELLIOT!!!!" I could see his neck turn red as he tried to hide amid the hysterical laughter.

I felt victorious, until our physical therapy appointment an hour later. Taking five children into a small room for an hour is my idea of a fun Friday. Everyone promised to be good, good, good.

This is how we ride.

Little Catherine was in a mood from the very beginning. One of her bossy, naggy, really loud and obnoxious kind of moods. I tried giving her my look of doom, but nothing would deter her. (She had to get four shots and she had her blood taken yesterday, for that she was good!)

Then, Isabella and Anastasia started arguing over some dumb baby toy and whose turn it was to use it. They kept interrupting me and the therapist. Their total devotion to the baby toy rendered them blind to my evil eye as well.

Meanwhile, poor Victoria was really having a hard time. She tries to be brave.

At the end of the session, the physical therapist politely suggested that maybe next time I should stay with my brats, I mean, kids, in the waiting room while she worked with Victoria. I wanted to hide under the therapy mat.

But, revenge is sweet. As we drove home, the little angels asked that we stop for a yummy fast food treat. I turned the radio up louder.

Later, they asked me to take them to the park. I just stared aimlessly out the window.

When they begged me to let them watch a movie, I snorted.

I thought I had made my point. But, of course not!

Later, I heard Isabella asking Anastasia, "What was wrong with mom today? She's acting weird, maybe she's sick?"

"Ya", Anastasia replied, "she probably needs a vitamin or something."

Will I ever win?


  1. Well...when you figure out what vitamin to take, let me know!


  2. LOL..... a vitamin?? :) That is too funny.
    I remember being at a doctor one time with my boys. They were both revving each other up and couldn't stop giggling and grabbing each other. Just incessant, boy behavior.....the Dr. actually OFFERED me RITALIN for them. LOL I felt like slithering to the car. UGH

  3. LOLOL!!! Omgosh, too funny!! Yea, pass that vitamin bottle this way please! :)

  4. Pass the vitamins to me next!!! I'll need quite a few :)

  5. Man you crack me up. Your light-hearted and witty take on life with small children just makes my day. I just love your honesty, about your evil eye and just turning the radio up. I have only experienced those small rooms with two young children, and even that is a nightmare. And the worst part is you have to be your best behavior (while your children are clearly not) because there are doctors everywhere listening.

  6. I'll take some of those vitamins, please!

  7. LOL! Thank you for making me laugh out loud! Hilarious!!


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