"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hot Wheels

Catherine is always up for a challenge, so today I got her some training wheels. Now she can ride like her big sisters, sort of.

If only she could see!!!

She is very serious about practicing!

Anastasia got a new helmet too, which Francesca wasn't impressed with.

Francesca is really making great progress with bonding. I was worried at first. She had all the signs of not attaching. Lately, though, her face just lights up when I come in the room. She actually hugs me!

The doctors said kids with cleft palates can't babble much, but Francesca must be the exception. She rattles on and on, quite loudly, all day long. She knows what she is talking about and hopefully someday I will too!

Victoria's new night hand splints have made a huge difference. Two months ago her fingers were so tight, I couldn't pry them open with a crowbar. She also hated to have her hands touched at all.

Since for almost two years she only used one finger. It's been hard habit to break, but now if I say "open" she will open up her other fingers. Now she can actually grab my hand! Her left hand is much stronger, so I am hoping to finally have a leftie like me! I tickled her palm today and she actually laughed!

She will be getting night feet splints soon and also leg braces. She's going to look so cool!


  1. So sweet! They really seem to be doing so well :) It's so beautiful to watch the kids blossom in loving families.
    I want to know how you eat all those oreos/chocolate brownie mix packs/candies and stay skinny! Please share your secret for the rest of us with a candy/cookie stash.

  2. All of your kids are so photogenic. Catherine, who's Anya (at the bottom of your blog page)?

  3. Its amazing to watch them change before our eyes! So so blessed!


  4. They are all beautiful, but I have so loved seeing Victoria gain a little weight and begin to smile. She always looked so very miserable in the orphanage pics as well as in the early pics at home. It's great to see her come alive.

  5. Yeah for Miss Victoria! It looks like Natasha is improving as well. I'm excited for all of y'all! -Angela

  6. So happy with how well Francesca and Victoria are doing! My Francesca asked me if we can go back to the hospital to visit them and I told her that they had gone home (which is a good thing).


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