"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, September 1, 2011


There was a surprise waiting in my mailbox this afternoon - my new keyboard for my netbook! Sadly, this is exciting news for me. It really doesn't take much to thrill me. I held my breath while my husband connected it. I was sure it wasn't going to work, but it did! Anastasia was about to ask if she could use it, but my glare must have scared her away.

Victoria has to go back to the physical therapist tomorrow because her handsplints are giving her bleeding sores. Poor baby. Poor me. The appointment is early, so I have to drag myself out of bed. I am NOT a morning person.

Victoria also has learned how to yank out her NG tube at night. It's such a joy to find her sheets soaking wet with the expensive formula that was supposed to go in her tummy, not all over her hair.

I have been trying, unsuccessfully to learn Spanish, but I did learn something new today. My son taught me how to "waterfall" Gatoraide, because, God forbid, I should actually put my germy lips on the rim of HIS drink. He assured me he wouldn't spill a drop on me. So, while we sat at a red light, he attempted to the pour the sticky blue liquid into my open mouth from great heights. I think about a teaspoon actually made it to my mouth, while I was bathed in the rest of it for the long ride home. My son thought this was quite hysterical. Children are such little jewels, aren't they?!

Well, I have caught a cold from another little jewel. I just downed some sleepy medicine, so good night everyone!

Did anyone else learn anything interesting today?


  1. I learned that if you are having your eyebrows waxed and your stylist has a lisp your face will get spit on. I also learned that you will be helpless to defend yourself for fear of loosing and eyebrow. ;)


  2. I learned that the fact that my child has been potty trained for a year doesn't mean she is done peeing in her pants :) I like to remind myself it could always be worse.

  3. I learned that giving a toddler a Starbucks chocolate Rocky Road "iced cake on a stick" to eat in the hot car, right before getting on a tollway (with no place to pull over. for miles. and miles.) is not a great idea, unless you like cleaning cake and liquid melting icing out of hair, and carseat crevices, and your car window...

  4. I recently caught a cold as well! feel better friend :)

  5. You are Hillarious.... Why is Hubby not in pics... Is he in on this great action at your home!!! I wish we lived closer, I`d LOVE to meet ya`ll...

  6. I learned that a ripe banana makes a very stiff, water (and washcloth) resistant hair gel.

  7. WOW! You always have me giggling!


  8. "Don't paint the table or chain again"
    learned to not forget when telling your two year old where she can not paint to add her body;)

  9. I learned that collecting the 4th round of stool from my 6 year old (who's been home from Ukraine for almost 2 months) is not nearly as bad as the first, second and third.

  10. I learned that when a 4 year old paints her eyes with purple lipstick, it doesn't wash away for several days.


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