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compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, September 17, 2011


I woke this Saturday morning smelling like a coconut. Catherine was applying copious amounts of lotion to my face, so even though it was only 6:30, I decided I would be safer getting up. The kids wanted some Lucky Charms, so being the conscientious mom that I am, I swiftly ate all the marshmallows out of their bowls so they would have a healthy breakfast. One of these days they are going to catch on that that the picture on the outside of the box really is what is inside the box.

When we went outside, the air was cool. Anastasia said, "It smells like Halloween!" Oh no, the season is changing!!! I began to panic. I just figured out what everyone was going to wear for the summer!

No more simple summer dresses to just throw on. No more flip-flops. I was going to actually have to find socks that matched everyday for the kids to wear.

Not only do I dread sorting through piles and piles of clothes to see what could be passed down to the little ones, but I was going to have to figure out something quick for Anastasia and Isabella, who were shivering dramatically in the 70 degree air.

I had to face it, the time had come to go shopping with the kids. I guess I am kind of a weirdo, because I really don't like shopping that much. Isabella is really easy to please. She loved everything she tried on, whether it fit or not. Anastasia, unfortunately, takes after me, and is super picky. Everything has to be soft and totally perfect. She will not wear jeans at all. She doesn't like dresses much either. Pants are required to have an elastic waist. I think she must have tried on 50 pairs of pants and she only consented to get two pairs. Then, she was mad because Isabella got more than she did! UGGGGHHHH!!!!

The best thing I bought was this cool toy for a dollar at the thrift store!!! We'll see how long it takes for all the balls to get lost, but it was a big hit.

Anyone have any tips on how to keep kid's clothes organized?


  1. The marshmallow story cracked me up. When I volunteered at a children's nursing home (dont get me started!) I found it was easiest to put everything together in sets. So instead of pants and shirts separately I would put whole outfits together - clothes, undies, socks, etc.


  2. I only have one but her closet is color coded. Left side starts with white,ivory beige, yellow orange, pink, red, brown and black on the far right. Dresses and sets top bar. Bottom bar we have tops, sweaters and then skirts and skorts. All following the white on the left side.. black to the right. Undies, socks, undershirts, T-necks, leggings and pants go in draws along with Jammies. Tights are in a separate bin on a shelf in her closet. You might want to check into buying size bar separators like they have in stores for multiple kids / sizes. I'm assuming they share closet space? It won't be easy to keep it straight with so many girls. I think I would try to color code the sizes if not the girls. But figure out a system that makes sense to you and then try to stay on top of it as best you can. Once you loose control of their closets it's not pretty. lol.. Good luck!!! Happy Shopping!!! FYI.. lots of great sales online.. might be easier. ;o)

  3. 7 days of the week.....7 outfits. wash smaller loads more often.
    I am so feeling your pain on the change of seasons. but you can always go to Philly where the sun ALWAYS shines when we are there(I am not even kidding!)

  4. The only thing that cured me from the marshmallows was having to go gluten free. Now the kids get an unhealthy breakfast. :/
    I gave up on socks matching long ago. Now I just buy white, no stars, hearts, Nike thingys, nothing. Just plain white..... We still have extras....SOMEBODY in our house has 3 feet! OR, it is just one.....
    When the kids were little, I just limited everything to almost nothing.... and kept everything up HIGH, where they couldn't play endless hours of dressup with the clothes I had just folded.
    Now that they are older. I close my eyes and pray they get dressed.

  5. I have twins (one boy, one girl, 4.5 years old) and what I do is pair up stuff together as I hang or put them away. And on twin forums, i have heard of some people using only one color for one kid, so maybe just do something like pink for Victoria and purple for Francesca, or whatever colors you like. That way, when you see something pink/purple/etc, you instantly know which kid is supposed to wear it. Or maybe get those different-colored sharpies. Get some Yours-Mine-and-Ours action going on. And maybe if you feel froggy, even get the kids their own color of laundry basket and only wash one kids laundry at a time? As for socks, I say keep it simple, only buy one or two colors, like white and pink or white and black, and try to stay with one brand, that way they should be fairly mix and match. And boots go a long way to hide mismatched socks. :)

  6. Oh Catherine - I so was thinking the same thing. No more flip flops???? No more sun dresses??? Oh NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I had a friend who just sorted the laundry as it came out of the drier into separate laundry baskets for each child. Unfolded. All socks were the same color and style and went in to a separate basket. She only bought knits, so they didn't wrinkle much... She figured if kids wanted their clothes folded and put away, they were free to do so. Sound like a plan? :-)

  8. You rival me...I feel the same way about the upcoming change of seasons and wardrobe changes for 5 children. Sigh. Thank you for the laughter...the thought of you getting the lotion facial as your wake up call totally has me rolling with laughter!

  9. My husband's comment about the marshmallows: "What mothers do out of love!"

  10. I just found a laundry system that works for us. Not sure what your house set up is like, but I'll tell you how I do it. We have a family room in the lower level along with a 1/2 bath that also has the washer/dryer in it. I decided that putting away laundry was my least favorite task...so I got a big wardrobe and some shelving and I just put the kids clothes away right downstairs in the bathroom/laundry room. This way, they change and unchange in the downstairs bathroom and all I have to do is take the clothes out of the dryer, fold them and they go right away in the wardrobe or shelves. I also got to wicker storage baskets for underware and socks. The best benefit for me is, their rooms stay much neater and my Danny doesn't empty every drawer in his room into a heap on the floor. I was getting so frustrated with baskets full of folded laundry that wasn't put away...and my son emptying his drawers....I decided to change it. So, baskets for undies and socks....storage wardrobe or shelves for clothes right next to washer dryer. Fold clothes right out of dryer and put away. Also makes it easier to pick out outfits for the next day since everything is right there in front of you all organized. Hope this gives you some ideas!!

  11. We created a family closet, and kids clothes are strictly sorted by size. One plastic dresser set holds 2/3T, the other holds 4/5T... bigger (not yet being worn sizes) are in a separate place altogether for the future.
    We pared down the amount of clothing to what equates to about 7 shirts each (per season) and 4 pairs of pants each. That's IT! Less clothes = less laundry.
    For socks, I went and got a bunch of the same socks (Spiderman, in this case) as the kids "school socks." They are allowed to wear them to school, then take them off when they get home. At least, that's the rule (rules are made to be broken... sigh... it ain't a perfect system but I'm trying.) Also, for washing socks, a lingerie sack works well at keeping them contained and not "disappearing" in the washer or dryer.



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