"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lessons from the Crib

Victoria noticed that little Catherine got her own post, so she decided that she wanted to share some words of wisdom with all of you.

Always take the time to give your belly button the attention it deserves.

If you scream really loud, someone will come and help you. (she can walk with only holding onto one of our hands now!)

Walking sideways in a circle is way more fun that going forwards.

Have confidence in yourself.

Going Barefoot is way better than shoes.

Clothes really aren't that important either.

Orange is the best flavor.

My Mom keeps telling me that sharing is caring, but it's better if you just hang on tighter to what you had in the first place.

If mom gets the camera out, just go ahead and look at her, otherwise, she will keep blinding you with a flash of light, over and over.

And finally, don't go rocking on the blue dog right after you eat macaroni and cheese and an Oreo.

What have your little ones taught you lately?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Last of the Single Digits

Today was a big day for Anastasia! The big 9! My baby is growing up.

We like to make birthdays an all day affair. We started in the morning by opening her present: a cute pink stuffed dog she named Strawberry. She also requested cinnamon rolls for breakfast (don't the kind in the tube count as homemade?).

For lunch, she desired "Red Robin", a place that has great ambiance, but not so great food for pretty expensive prices. Still, they had lemonade with real strawberries in it! Yum! Also, we got balloons!

Francesca was just happy to eat a lemon.

My favorite part was when the waiters all came out and sang to her!

Nothings says "Happy Birthday" like a giant, plastic red bird.

Now for what you have all been eagerly waiting for! The cake!!! Anastasia wanted a beach/ocean cake. I decided to put two cakes side by side. Chocolate, of course. In our family, there is no other flavor. I was quite worried at first at how the cake was turning out. The cake kind of looked like a giant sky with some dirt nearby, but.....

I managed to make some pretty cool waves.

The sand is made out of brown sugar, which, by the way, really compliments the icing. Sugar on top of sugar.

The shoreline turned out to be everyone's favorite. All the kids wanted a piece of it.

Last week, Anastasia accidentally dropped my camera. I knew it was bad news when I picked it up and the lens was rattling. Now I only have my 35mm lens, which I usually only use for close-ups. I was having a fit because I could only get half the cake in focus.

Ok, I know, enough pictures of the cake already!

We met some friends at the park where Francesca was traumatized by some real sand.

Victoria totally had a blast. For once, she was content to just sit and not fuss because she wanted to walk.

Poor Francesca.

Catherine and her friend, James, had a wonderful time together.

Finally, Francesca found something to be happy about - pizza!

Who needs a playground when there is a mulch hill to explore?

This is Tristan and Abi. Tristan and Anastasia have been friends since they were only two. This year though, they were both too embarrassed when I asked them to hug each other. I love the looks on their faces.

Here are Janie and Rebecca.

Of course, Logan!

Happy Birthday my sweet angel pie!!!!! 

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Anyone who has met little Catherine quickly finds out, to know her is to love her and also to grow gray hairs because of her.

Here are a few precious gems from the world of Catherine....

"How old are you Catherine?"
"I am four and I am a genius"

"Mom, you look much better when you are asleep than when you have your eyes open."

"Did you know thhe hypothalamus keeps your brain at the same temperature." (said to a random person at the grocery store)

"I drew eyes on my stomach with this purple marker so my stomach can see what it's going to be digesting later."

"Hold me, hold me, hold me, hoooooolllllllddddd me!!!!!!! (said anytime I get a phone call)

"Can I wear my bathing suit when I ride my bike today?"? (said in December.)

"I wanna put on an up-sleeve shirt." (short sleeve shirt)

"Catherine, don't play in the dirt".
"I'm not mommy, I'm playing in the mud!"

"Catherine, why did you yank the crayon away from Francesca?"
"Because she had the crayon and I wanted it right now." (at least she is honest)

"Why can't I wear my frog pajamas and rain boots to the restaurant??"

"Am I gonna be on your blog today? I don't want to be on the blog, but put me on there, ok?"

"Mommy, are you awake?" (said at 3:00 am) I just wanted to tell you I love you."

I love you too Catherine!!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Not Wednesday

I know it's not Wordless Wednesday, but it is late and I am tired. Five kids are still awake. I may fall asleep before they do!

Here are a few pictures for your enjoyment!

 Good friends!

Francesca likes hats!

Who needs tv when you have an air popper!

Almost all of my kids have been forced to wear this outfit. My husband calls it the "clown outfit." I call it "blackmail."

He's so grown up, sort of.

Victoria loves to stand. She won't sit on the floor now without some major complaining.

Sweet sisters!

Cute toes!

Spring time is the best!