"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, March 5, 2012

Messy Snacks

Some of my friends blog about cute crafts, creative recipes or inspirational decorating. I have no experience in those areas, but I can teach you how to make a big mess!!!

Let me introduce you to peanut butter playdough! You can play with it, you can eat it and it's pretty healthy. Plus, you can use it to get gum out of your hair. What more can you ask for?

Here is my secret recipe: (as you can see, it's quite complicated)

1 cup of peanut butter (or in my case, just lots of blobs thrown in the bowl)

1 cup of powdered milk

1/2 cup of honey

Guess we could have used spoons.

Victoria was not interested.....

.....until we decided to add chocolate...

Some of us needed no persuading.

Isabella made some kind of person. She even made a peanut butter purse for her so her person would be in fashion.

Catherine made a snow-person.

Anastasia, the animal lover, made a cat.

But the dog ate her cat!

Let me know if you decide to try this titillating project. I know you may lay awake tonight in anticipation of this fabulous project!


  1. oh my! My oldest had to make rock candy today.....Sugar was everywhere. My kids would love to live in your house :) Way to go Mom!!!

  2. LOL. Victoria's look of disgust! Hahahaha. Reminds me of my son's look when I had to scoop some poop into a vial for stool sample! Hahahahaha...

  3. My kids would love this! They are all very creative!

    1. I meant to say, your kids are all very creative.

  4. I have a question. Is it sticky like peanut butter? Is that why you add the powdered milk so it won't be?

  5. I may have to do this for ME--never mind my kids...hee hee...

  6. Looks fun and very messy and better done at your house! lol ;) Though I'd like to be your neighbor. Your family is precious!


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