"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


The days seem to be getting longer and longer. I am totally re-thinking not having a television. But never fear, indulgent mommy is here! While I let the older girls have a dance party and slide around in their socks, little Catherine painted her nails with permanent marker. Let me tell you, it is not permanent on fingernails. Good thing we like the color red.....on lots and lots of our other stuff.

I needn't have been worried about how Victoria would entertain herself while being stuck in a spica cast. She's a girl who can find just about anything interesting......including a grocery bag.

She cracked herself up throwing the bag up and down.

Good times!

Give Francesca some dishes to load and she is a happy camper for hours.

Francesca discovered that the casts were perfect for drumming on with the Tinker toy sticks.

Is it Friday yet? Talk to me people, I need some adult interaction!!!


  1. you're almost to friday!!!! you can do it!!!

  2. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have my sanity if we didn't have a tv! Electronics are my friend. Hope your Thursday is awesome - maybe something lengthy and exciting will happen out your front window for the kids to watch (like a neighbor will get stuck on his roof and the fire dept will have to come out to help). Just don't forget to take a nap when they're distracted - they'll be happy to tell you all about it later.

  3. I just love your posts!! You are the best Mommy, your kids are fabulous. Just out of intrest, why dont you like TV? My kids dont watch too much but, the TV is my friend in many situation:)

  4. Bahahahahahahahaha!! Oh wait... talk... Ummmmm... hehehe

    Catherine, I really gotta say... LOOK at those smiles!! Even in plaster, Victoria is looking SO awesome!! :)

  5. You are my dose of real life.....you are an inspiration

  6. Yeah, tell us about your TV/computer policy for kids policy. My 4yo was so addicted to Angry Birds that I had to strategically lose my iPad. Now he is addicted to a game on the computer. I can't strategically lose that! I know some parents have elaborate rules about screen time. How about you?

    Is that sufficiently adult conversation? ;-)

    The girls are glorious as usual! Go Victoria!

  7. I lack adult conversation as well, because I am a SAHM like you. My husband works crazy long hours to make this possible, and it's great that it is, but my brain is starting to shrink and shrivel up. My 6 year old is at kinder from 7:30-2:30, and I have a 3 1/2 year old at home with me. In the afternoons when I have both here (both are typical, is that the right way to say it? I don't want to say normal, and really who is normal?!). I swear sometimes my head wants to fall off. It AMAZES me that you have a no tv policy and actually stick to it!! How do you entertain them all day long? I feel suddenly very lazy and inferior...in fact my 3 year old is watching tv right now as I sit typing on this computer!lol

  8. Watch out for plastic bags...they can suffocate a child. (I'm sure you were probably watching Victoria as she played with it.)

  9. Will you please send Francesca over? My dishwasher unloaders seem to have lost their ability to unload...they don't even have casts... How is she with fingerprints on windows? I'm quite sure she would have a much better, whistle as you work, attitude than my big kids have! Tell her I have cake and ice cream!! I'll trade you 2 bigs for Francesca!!Do you have a math genius at your house? Olivia's going to be doing math all summer!Sheri

  10. No TV? Oh you are brave..lol. But at least you have multiple children so they can entertain each other. I have one so if I don't use a TV or other electronic gadget I'm it 24/7 when home. Hang on Mama the weekend is coming.

  11. I love how your fridge looks just like mine!

    The no TV policy is a good one....for at your house. However, I enjoy my sanity and the Disney channel.

  12. Good news! It's about a half an hour till Friday (my time, anyway) - I'm sure you can make it now! We're just about TV-free here, but not quite. No cable or normal TV, just DVDs, which we use sparingly, and youtube. I can't quite take the plunge to giving up the occasional DVD, though I know it would probably be better for us. Good for you!

  13. Keep blogging as much as you can. Relieving stress through creativity is very therapeutic, and in a year you can look back and see what the Lord brought you all through. You can blog while Francesca is doing the dishes. How does she feel about laundry?
    What a blessing that Victoria is making the best of her situation. And, I see that Little Catherine is hard at work providing blog material!
    Prayers for your journey.

  14. Francesca's fingers look fantastic!!!Victoria too has had amazing changes!!I love following your blog and the girls/praying for them and laughing with you!! Thanks.

  15. I'm also sure that she would have a much better, whistle as you perform, mind-set than my big children have!.So nice blog.Keep posting on News on Entertainment and Articles on Health


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