"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, April 20, 2012


My friend, Kelly, asked if she could hijack my blog tonight. Today is Kelly's birthday.She just brought home her sweet daughter, Charlotte. While she was there she met a sweet angel with Aperts syndrome, just like Francesca.

 A lot of people are scared of adopting a kids with Aperts, but as a mom of two kids with cranio issues, I can tell you, it really isn't a huge deal. Francesca will only need one more surgery for her fingers and toes and then she won't need anything else done for 6 more years! Kids with Aperts are almost always cognitively normal. Little Kacey seems to be a little ray of sunshine! All Kelly wants for her birthday is to be able to find Kacey a home. I sure hope her family is out there reading this tonight.

Here is what Kelly has to say:

She begins her daily walk toward me, uneven and slightly halting, as soon as she sees the groupa room door open.

Before long, her arms are wrapped around my leg and she is looking up at me.

She doesn’t make a sound.  She doesn’t have to.  Her piercing blue eyes speak volumes.

When is someone coming for me?  Can someone love me, just as I am?

And then I wake, brokenhearted all over again. 

(This is Kelly's daughter, who is friends with Kacey)

At some point at the end of that first trip, Kacey stopped asking me if I was her mama.  Maybe it was hearing me respond “nyet” each time she asked.  Maybe one of her caregivers explained.  Maybe she just knew.  She simply resigned herself to being left behind—again.

On the second and third trips, Kacey would simply hug my leg and stare up at me.  I will never know what Kacey was asking for in those silent moments—but I will never forget how her body relaxed and melted into me when I would reach down and stroke her fine blonde hair.

She deserves love all the time, not just when families are passing through her groupa room.

She deserves comfort from a family while she recovers from surgeries for her Apert Syndrome.

She deserves acceptance and opportunity and a family to help her blossom.

Think about it.

Is she your daughter?

If you think she might be, please contact Reece’s Rainbow.

If adopting is not something you can do right now, please share this blog post and her picture.

Please help me show Kacey that she isn’t forgotten—and that there is someone, somewhere dreaming of making her their daughter.

Share the love.


  1. You got hijacked by one gifted writer. I don't cry at much these days. . . but THIS got me. Praying Kacey home.

  2. Sweet sweet girl. She is so beautiful just the way she is. Made perfectly by God! Praying hard! I have 5 on the way right now, so I'm not of much use, except I can pray!

  3. I'm praying so hard for this beautiful girl right now! I'm not old enough to adopt, or I would bring her home myself! She is so beautiful! Praying that her Mommy is looking at this same picture right now!

  4. I LOVE Kacey!!! I've been following her...or is it stalking her on RR. I keep trying to justify how I can adopt her (and another boy who caught my eye), even though I'm broke, have forced my 2 bedroom home into a 3 bedroom one already and am often stressed to the max with the 2 I have home. Kacey is only the second girl who's ever stolen my heart: I see so many potential sons but rarely a daughter. GO KACEY!!! Love the updated picture.


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