"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Yummy, Yucky

The kids have a book they love called "Yummy, Yucky", which simply talks all about delicious and gross things. Things like:
"eating hamburgers are yummy"
"eating boogers are yucky"

This pretty much describes my week so far. I am struggling really, really hard to be positive and not have a major pity party, but I may have to whine just a little.

Also, if you are squeamish, I am going to be writing about some gross, oozing stuff, just to warn you.

Yesterday was about a 20 on the bad day scale. I had to put my beloved cat to sleep. Sure, Norman Bates  had a few issues, but he kind of grew on me. You can read about him here: http://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=6480927676896809475#editor/target=post;postID=7065806002780510684

One of Victoria's incision's is still really infected. I was changing the dressing yesterday, when all of a sudden, the skin popped open and a bunch of yucky stuff oozed out. Now she has an inch hole in her skin. I am not easily grossed out (unless throw-up is involved, then I am outta there), but seriously, I had to close my eyes for a minute. Unfortunately, I had to deal with the problem (there is probably a moral here, but I don't really care what it is at this point). The nurse told me I had to pack the wound. This means, I have to push a gauze pad into the hole twice a day. How about that for yucky!

I finally got my medical flight info yesterday. Super duper excited about it. The plan is for me to fly from Atlanta to Denver, have a four hour layover, then fly to New York City and then drive to Philadelphia. The whole trip would take over twelve hours with a baby in a spica cast. I'm thinking this plan is probably not a good idea., so, now I am trying to figure out a way to fly that will not cost a ton of money. Ideas anyone? I have contacted my local Shriner's to see if they can help, but no news yet.

On the bright side, today I made it to the CVS to gather some urgent supplies for my survival. (I really gotta change my Christmas table cloth soon)

On the yucky side, my husband hid the treats so the kids wouldn't eat them and then he forgot where he put them!!!!

On another positive note, I was quite proud that I managed to make a healthy dinner tonight.

Unfortunately, I also forgot to wash utensils, so we ate with measuring spoons. No one liked the potatoes anyway, so it all worked out just fine.

Another good thing, Francesca had her pre-op appointment at the pediatrician today. (Her surgery is next Thursday. to release the rest of her fingers and toes.) She now weighs 33 pounds! That means she has gained 14 pounds in 10 months.

The bad news is that I have to carry 33 pounds around!

So, that's it so far! Feel free to write and tell me all about your exciting week so far!


  1. Oh Catherine. You just keep going. I look up to you! Keep your chin up!!

  2. Catherine, I love reading the blog as my weeks never seem as exciting then. LOL. I only have 2 in casts and NONE are in a spica though. 2 boys are grounded right now. We did forget about little bit last night. Sometimes you forget you have a young one around. She came out of the bathroom covered in bubbles. (she's 5). She apparently added the rest of the bubble bath herself. Hey, she was clean. Unlike the boys when I realized they hadn't been brushing their teeth for I don't know how long. I guess a few tooth brushes short should have clued me in. Still no word from Mr. IRS man on our audit. Other than that, very dull week thus far. Of course, it's only Tuesday and I know w/ 10 kids things can turn on you quicker than the ocean. You're doing awesome!

  3. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mercy-Flight-Southeast/221505237656?ref=search#!/pages/Mercy-Flight-Southeast/221505237656

    Mercy flights (free for people with medical needs)

    1. Catherine,
      This seems like such a great option. Hope you can get one of these Mercy flights and cancel that 12 hour travelpalooza. You'd think the point of a "medical flight" would be to make it easier to travel not harder, sheesh.
      Good luck!

    2. Mercy Flight wants you to call them! I posted on their Facebook page for you. Please see their page for the response & number!

  4. Here is another flight option: http://www.angelflightse.org/

    Blessings. It is in His strength that we can do anything at all.

  5. Oh, I hope you find a decent flight. Your kids are just gorgeous -- they look better and happier in every post, even Victoria in all her suffering -- and you're doing a great job, but I don't know how you do it and still keep your sardonic sense of humor. And I'm so sorry about your cat.

  6. Sorry about your rough day. I know all of your days have been hard lately with Victoria's cast.

    I woke up to a tornado of a house this morning, and started out really frustrated at my two older kids who had caused most of the tornado. Of course they headed out the door, and I sat down to adjust my attitude before the 5 kids I babysit showed up. Thankfully my 3 year old was still sleeping. I adjusted my bad attitude and decided to be thankful no matter what. It's a good thing, because after spending quite a bit of time splicing the wires to the sprinkler system that our 1 year old German Shepherd ate, I realized that one station still wasn't working. Since I don't know which wire goes to which station, I decided to be thankful that I was going to get to decode a fun puzzle by redoing all the wires. Then one of the little ones walked in to tell me that the toilet was stopped up. Thankfully I got up to check, and found that it was also overflowing everywhere. And of course I was thankful that my older kids throw all the towels they don't want to put on the shelves in the floor of the bathroom closet so that they could soak up the water and I could do more laundry. Then I decided to be brave and attempt to mop the kitchen. Of course, one of the littles decided to walk into the kitchen and fall. I fussed at her for coming in even though I had said not to, only to realize she had cut her toe and it was bleeding (so of course, I felt bad). Then I made dinner, but it took longer than expected, so when one of my Bible study ladies walked in, I was still sitting at the table eating looking rather rough from my day. But overall, it was a good day. I adjusted my attitude, gave thanks for the little blessings (thank you that I own a wet/dry vac and we have a washer and dryer). And now I'm going to call it a day and start again tomorrow.

    I hope you have a better day tomorrow and that you can get a better flight.


  7. Well - my 1 year old was up 3x last night, and up for good at 6am (smacking me in the face, MAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMA MA MA). Tantrums have started, screeching and head-banging (only against me! Smart enough not to bang his noggin on the floor), knocked me in the bridge of my nose and I saw stars. My four year old has discovered Jell-o and it's all he will eat. He also insisted on wearing a paper party hat in the shower tonight. The baby threw some drum sticks in the toilet this evening, and took 90 minutes to fall asleep.

  8. Dear lady, you are absolutely amazing! Please open an account where we could send $ for chocolate. I am serious. Do! Or at least make a wishlist on amazon. I benefit from reading your blog, it puts a smile on my face everyday, so I'd love to have a way to pay back.

  9. I love that you eat so much chocolate. I'm forever getting lectured on the 'junk' food I eat and let my kids eat. I once had a dog with a popped abscess and think I know what that whole looks like...too boot the dog had hemophilia so very icky.

    I woke last night at 2 am to realize I had missed 2 shriners appointments in last month, still needed to get my older son's glasses fixed (for over 3 months), need dentals for both boys: older likely has his first cavity and that will be nightmare as he also has fetal alcohol syndrome (aka will freak out even if they use gas), the furnace is broke, the fence fell down yesterday and my dogs enjoyed a romp around neighborhood, my younger son needs a yearly physical, deadlines are approaching for summer camp, and basically I've somehow managed to acquire a to do list of over 20 items! After snapping at my older son that 'no I don't have clariton and there goes your bus' this morning, narrowly missing the younger son's school field trip (but forgetting his car seat---didn't get a call so guess he got to go anyway), I'm now sneezing every other second at work from a spontaneous head cold I guess, wishing I did have clariton.

  10. Our week is going - nothing has oozed here, so that I am grateful for! I am actually hesitant to rave about how uneventful our week has been since it is only Wednesday! I continue to be amazed at your ability to juggle several kids with surguries etc... I come to your blog for inspiration and a great laugh - one of the highlights of my day - thank you for being a bright spot for me!

  11. Oh I feel your pain. I had to pack my daughters wound for about 3 months after she had a polynidal (have no idea how to spell that) cyst removed and it didn't heal correctly. I cried every time I packed it. It was horrible and I was so afraid I was going to hurt her. I truly could never be a nurse. I hope Victoria heals quickly. Great news on Fransesca's weight gain. They are beautiful girls. Prayers for her surgery and that you find an alternate way to travel for Victoria's next visit. So glad to have found your blog, what a wonderful family you have.


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