"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, April 22, 2012

A "Great" Outing

We decided to be brave on Saturday and take Victoria back out into the world again. "Great" (my grandma, the kids great-Grandma) recently moved to an assisted living place, so we thought this would be a perfect adventure. After all, lots of people there have wheelchairs just like Victoria, so she fit right in. We arrived just in time to have lunch with Great. She was so excited to see everyone. All the other residents seemed happy to see children too. 

We dined on country fried steak. I have never eaten it before. I'm not really sure that is actually steak. Of course, little Catherine didn't try it. She mostly ate from a tray of strawberries that is left for the residents to snack on throughout the day. I'm not sure there was anything left for the other people once she got to them. New situations tend to make little Catherine nervous.

Poor Victoria was pretty stressed out. I think she was afraid we were in some kind of hospital. She kept a wide-eyed lookout for anything suspect the whole time we were there.

A doughnut helped her a little. They always help me too! She still isn't eating much, but, of course, sweets are always acceptable.

I think we livened the place up a little.

or maybe a lot....

We love you Great!!!!

Please say a little prayer for Victoria. She is really having a tough time. She keeps waking up every two hours at night. I feel like I have a newborn again! Also, one of her incisions is infected and swollen, so the doctor put her on an anti-biotic. I think it is really hurting her. She is very frustrated with staying in a reclining position. She tries and tries to pull herself up. We try to carry her as much as we can, but she is heavy!


  1. It looks as though "Great" had a wonderful time! I hope sweet Victoria feels better soon! Many many prayers are being sent your way!

  2. hi there,

    since i found your blog who knows how many months/years ago, i never miss a post. i have 3 kids, (2 adopted with SN). i loved your visit with your grandma. so so sweet.

    i've held my breath as i read each new post since victoria's surgery. i have done a lot with my 2 kiddos, but CANNOT imagine what you are going through on a daily basis with her in that cast!

    i wish i lived in your neck of the woods so i could come by and help you take a load off. (i'm in CA, so no such luck!). but please let me know what you need...care packages for her to keep her busy? what does she like? care packages to keep you busy? chocolate right? emails just to commiserate?

    i've been reading your blog since before you brought francesca and victoria home, so in a super creepy way, i feel like i know you. and i want to help, so just give me some direction.

    email: lin_z20000 @ Yahoo.com

  3. Haha, the best way I can explain Chicken Fried Steak is to say that it is (hamburger) steak fried in the manner of chicken. So it's really chicken-fried steak. Make sense?

  4. as one who works in a long term care facility, i can say that they ALL love seeing children (and dogs) in the facility. How nice to make your great's day! :D

  5. Prayers for healing and comfort for Sweet Victoria. It breaks my heart to see her look so uncomfortable. I can't imagine. I'm sure it's pretty darn hard on her mama and daddy to see her going through this, too. Maybe it will help the bonding process along. I sure hope your backs hold out, though!

  6. Oh poor Victoria! I pray this is over soon! She will be so happy when she breaks out of the pink cocoon!

    We visited with relatives yesterday too! Had a wonderful time. My mom is really aging fast, she has declined in a month. I can't see her driving anymore, and she didn't know who some of her grandkids were. We may have assisted living in our near future here too. If they would move in with us, we could probably handle them.... but I don't picture that happening.

  7. Praying for sweet little Victoria! :)


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