"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Stand

Sorry I haven't been around much this week;  my creative juices haven't been flowing.  I have been in kind of a funk.  I guess this was a good thing, because my kids seem to learn the most when they are bored. Victoria has been practicing climbing up and down off the couch, over and over. I couldn't really see where she was going with her efforts. 

Apparently, though, she had a plan. But first, a quick rest (that pumpkin shirt really gets around, doesn't it?).

With a drag, drag, here and a drag, drag there....

Then, use those little muscles to pull herself up onto the arm of the couch. Ok, cute Victoria, but, really, what's the point here?

Hold on a minute.....is she.....?

 She is! She is trying to stand without any help. Should I try to help her a little? Na!

And, she did it!!!! She obviously knew what she was doing the whole time. Yet one more thing doctors and physical therapists said she would never be able to do. I always worried that she would just have to lie on the floor like a slug and wait for someone to help her stand up.

So, now that Victoria has proven that she is definitely not a slug, (thank you very much for not helping mom), we needed to design something that could be a little more portable. It's kind of hard to drag the arm of the couch around when you need to stand up. These pillows are keep falling over, so if anyone has any other ideas, please let me know.

I think she is pretty darn pleased with herself! 

Believe me, this is much harder than it looks. You need a lot of arm strength to pull up your whole body without bending your legs. I can't do it at all! 

Don't worry, Francesca, your post of amazing things is coming really soon! 

She doesn't need any help getting to her walker now either. 

And I am outta here! 

That face says it all! And she figured it out all by herself. Guess I should be in a funk more often! 


  1. Turn her around and have her do it backwards using the couch. That's how Aaron does it. He uses his head to pull himself up. Head - then shoulders - all the while pushing up with his legs. When he gets to a certain point he turns around with his head face first in the couch. THEY ARE SMART KIDS!!! JULIA!

  2. Super exciting Miss Victoria!! You are a woman on the move. What a cutie.

  3. I'm not sure how tall you need the "pillows" or support to be, but I immediatley thought of the little soft stairs you can get for dogs that need help to get onto furniture or beds. Way to go Victoria!

  4. That makes me smile so big. Great job, Victoria!!! You are such a strong and amazing little girl who is full of perserverence, and someone who is truly an inspiration to us all. Keep up the good work. You are such a little blessing.

  5. In the days when my S could not walk he would use the dog to pull himself up. She would stand patiently until he was up and then walk right next to him with him holding on. Super exciting for Victoria! Looks like Fransesca is wearing underwear!? Yay girls!

  6. would a wall ladder work? she needs to teach one of the dogs to help her...crawl over to the dog, lean over them like the couch cushion and then tell the dog up, they stand and she is up :) seems easy in my head...
    Victoria is AMAZING that she is doing what she is. Does she still have a physiotherapist?

  7. The posterchild for why people should adopt! I remeber her first photo on RR. So great to see what GOd can do with willing people. Congrats to all of your (and her) hard work. Smart girl!

  8. Miss V definitely has a reason to smile!!! What fortitude she has....oh the places she will go!! I love how all of your other girls are right there encouraging and helping!!! ((((HUGS))))!!!

  9. How about a large wedge pillow? Allegro makes one with a pillow, kind of like foam steps. Lighter than the couch ... Victoria is amazing!

  10. She is so amazing. How about if you get one more of the blue foam wedges. Put two on the bottom and one on top in the middle. Use heavy thread or twine and sew them together with a needle so they don't shift. If you know someone who sews they could mak a cove for you.

  11. I love the expressions on the other kid's faces. I love that they are her cheering team! Go Victoria and way to go cheerleaders, you help so much!

  12. I agree with training a dog. Also, pet stairs (petco or anywhere) might be a good option....Way to girl Victoria!

  13. Joshua puts his forehead on the floor, then walks his feet toward his head until his butt is in the air, then pushes up with his hands and grabs the couch or walker...


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