"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Stepping Up

I feel like some adventure today....

These steps look fun. I think some doctor said I would never be able to climb steps, but how tough could it be? 

Especially when you have a big sister to help you out.

First one foot, then the other. 

See how strong I am? I can pull myself up. Almost to the top! 

What was that you said doctor? 

Of course, Francesca needs some attention too.

Great job everybody! Isn't little Catherine a fantastic big sister!? 

Tomorrow I'm climbing a mountain! 


  1. Amazing! I think back at how she looked not very long ago when you went to get her.... WOW! AMAZING what the LORD has Done!

  2. AWESOME! Wayyyy to GOOOO Missy!! I am sooo proud of you--and your Mommy and your fantastic family who didn't believe the gloom and doomers . . of course kids "won't do" this and that if no one expects or believes that they can! You guys have proven again why we just can't allow others to put limits on our kids! Love you all!

  3. LOVE your new top picture!! You have a beautiful family. Those silly doctors need to learn not to say never to our kids!!

  4. TAKE THAT DOCTOR!!!!!!! Miracles happen everyday! Way to go babies!!!

  5. So proud of those steps! Mighty will-power there, with lots of supportive family love! Way to go! Eva

  6. NEVER say NEVER!!!! Love and encouragement mean everything. Great job little Catherine....and way to go Victoria AND Francesca!!!

  7. Miss Victoria, you have already climbed so many mountains I can't imagine what you will do next!

  8. WTG Victioria? Will she be getting future surgery or muscle/tedon lengthenings or Botox to help get her knees to bend? You are such a wondeful Mom to those children!


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