"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Anyone who has met little Catherine quickly finds out, to know her is to love her and also to grow gray hairs because of her.

Here are a few precious gems from the world of Catherine....

"How old are you Catherine?"
"I am four and I am a genius"

"Mom, you look much better when you are asleep than when you have your eyes open."

"Did you know thhe hypothalamus keeps your brain at the same temperature." (said to a random person at the grocery store)

"I drew eyes on my stomach with this purple marker so my stomach can see what it's going to be digesting later."

"Hold me, hold me, hold me, hoooooolllllllddddd me!!!!!!! (said anytime I get a phone call)

"Can I wear my bathing suit when I ride my bike today?"? (said in December.)

"I wanna put on an up-sleeve shirt." (short sleeve shirt)

"Catherine, don't play in the dirt".
"I'm not mommy, I'm playing in the mud!"

"Catherine, why did you yank the crayon away from Francesca?"
"Because she had the crayon and I wanted it right now." (at least she is honest)

"Why can't I wear my frog pajamas and rain boots to the restaurant??"

"Am I gonna be on your blog today? I don't want to be on the blog, but put me on there, ok?"

"Mommy, are you awake?" (said at 3:00 am) I just wanted to tell you I love you."

I love you too Catherine!!!!


  1. Totally and completely wonderful! I just love your kids!

  2. LOL... don't you just love how little kids think? She is adorable. :)

  3. funny, sweet and beautiful!!!

  4. What a card! She cracks me up!

  5. Love that sweet little girl!


  6. She's the kind of kid they write children's books about. Like, "Eloise" or "Olivia". Enjoy her - we all do!

  7. Hahaha - "and I am a genius"...love it!!


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