"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Joy Enhancement

Today I had an itch to do something different, something new and exciting. I considered being really wild and cleaning the kitchen floor, but, instead, we decided to go on an adventure and see where we ended up. Sometimes I am a tad bit hesitant to take the five girls out alone. I can't imagine why?

We wound up at an unfrequented playground. I am not sure, but I think Francesca liked the swings.

It's important to look cool when you are swinging.

Poor Francesca has a really tough time walking on any surface that is not totally smooth and flat. She just has such tiny feet and her big toe is much smaller than her other toes, so she is off balance. She fell about ten times, but she was determined not to be carried. I need to find some shoes that won't hurt her feet and will give her more stability. Anyone have any ideas?


Francesca was totally freaked out by Mr. Dinosaur. She wouldn't get near him.

The joys of sliding.

It's always nice to have a little pick me up from a sister.

The playground was also frustrating for Victoria. She wants so much to climb and do things herself. She tries really hard to get her foot up on a step, but it is tough when you can't bend your legs.

Someday soon baby, you will climb!

On the way home, I decided to stop for another treat. There is nothing better than a warm Kristy Kreme doughnut.

Can you just imagine the grief little Catherine is going to give me as a teenager?

This is my new motto. I mean the part about "creating joyful memories". It's probably unlikely that I will be creating the "delicious tastes" part with my cooking.

This sweet guy gave us a whole dozen doughnuts free! 

Don't ask how many doughnuts are left for tomorrow. Some rotten person even licked the icing and sprinkles off a doughnut and then put it back. Oh wait, that was me!

I foolishly thought that the babies would be exhausted from their big day and take a long, long nap. Perhaps, sugar and lard are not totally conducive to a restful slumber. Everyone was totally hyper, except for me. I was in a sugar coma.

Next time, we are hitting the broccoli bar.


  1. Looks like everyone had a good day. Yay for park season! I was wondering, is Francesca better at walking barefoot? You could try Robeez (they're little leather baby moccasin-things - super cute!). We only use them before our babies start walking, but they are recommended for early walkers as well. Niko trips a lot too, but I'm sort of blaming the fact that every pair of shoes we got for him before he got home is way too big. We tried crocs (correct-sized ones!) for a little while, but they're just too easy to take off and he kept trying to run around barefoot at the park, so we're back to the too big ones now. We'll figure it out eventually and get him in a pair that fits *and* he keeps on :)

  2. I am going to suggest TEVA sandals for her. They are kinda pricey 30$ instead of the 6 I normally pay)but they are guarenteed and they are made to hike in and so they have good treads the blind kis I work with also likes them cause they got grip and they are stable. They make all kids of sandal like shoes.

  3. Love it! I have to second the "I love your family" comment.
    :-) Victoria especially grabs my heart every time you post about her. (Maybe just because I remember the state of her when you posted when she first got home)

  4. Sorry, twice by accident! Your children are wonderful and gorgeous by the way!

  5. So amazing to see Victoria chubby and smiling!

  6. Love your blog! Victoria looks so big!

  7. Maybe look into See Kai Run shoes for Francesca. They provide great support but are very soft and flexible.
    Now you've made me hungry for doughnuts, and nothing here is open this time of night. I'll have to satiate this craving some other way, and I think I'm out of chocolate...
    Love your family. It's great to see Victoria chubby, and standing up, and having fun. Her original RR photo used to stab at my heart. Your posts and pics of your kids seriously make me happy no matter what mood I'm in.

  8. My oldest had foot issues as a little guy and we used Elefanten shoes and Teva sandals. The Elefantens are very wide with a tall toe box and the Tevas truly are super grippy and sturdy. Good luck!

  9. I second/third the crocs idea. I used to think that was ridiculous for a toddler but my kids can run, climb, etc in them and they like that they don't "squeeze" their feet. There are lots of different styles and some stay on better than others. We tried our first pair "used" from a consignment ($5) and then started buying the clearance bin ones at the outlet mall for $5-10. I always sell/giveaway our used ones because they're pretty indestructable.

  10. The picture of Victoria on the swings made my day! What a change from a few months ago!

  11. I love how Victoria is so chubby. She doesn't look at all like the same child in the picture at the top of your page. What a wonderful transformation from when she first came home.

  12. We love Soft Star shoes. They are like moccasins and have a soft sole. http://www.softstarshoes.com/kid-shoes/kid-shoes-size-4-13.html

  13. We've been successful with generic Crocs, the cheap version of Ug boots in the fall, and most recently, Answer2 orthotic tennis shoes. The Answer2 are pretty expensive, but they are the first shoes without complaints from little one. They are very deep and wide through the toe box and you can add/remove the inserts to adjust them. We've also had luck ordering from sites like Zappos and Shoebuy, when our daughter was younger. Good luck! (Don't suppose you'd want a pair of 10.5 extra wide tennis shoes? If so, send me an email, I'd be happy to give them to you.)

  14. Those pictures are great! That is the most expressive I have ever seen Victoria! She is actually getting little cheeks. :)

  15. i was actually wondering if she would do better with a sole that is inflexible? i know that goes against the traditional shoe advice for little ones but i was wondering if it would help her keep her balance better if the shoe was flat and the bottom was hard? I love how healthy victoria looks! And her smirky little smile is exactly like my babies, we love it!

  16. We had trouble with weak ankles. The kids did much better with high top leather shoes. You can find (expensive) European kids high top sandals. Naturino, Ricosta, Primigi,
    It took them many, many falls and expensive orthopedic shoes until I figured out what the problem was. I wish I had put them in different shoes early on.

  17. Victoria is getting to be a regular chunk! She looks wonderful! Must be all the peanut butter and chocolate she's learning to lick off her lips...


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