"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, September 19, 2011

Green and Red

So it's only 7 pm and my kids are in bed and I am eating cookie dough for dinner. That pretty much sums up my day.

I am trying to be more culinary, so I made chili today. Really, I had very good intentions. The only problem was that I got the chili powder and the cinnamon mixed up. It was some super sweet chili, but not surprisingly, the kids didn't seem to notice.

The kids are already planning what they want to be for Halloween. They decided to go as a group costume this year. I was thinking they could be three little kittens plus two, or maybe the five little "whatever I find at the thrift store" creation, but oh no!!! They had their own ideas. They have decided to be a Happy Meal. I am not kidding. Isabella will be the hamburger, Anastasia is going as the french fries, Catherine will be the drink and the babies.....are you ready for this......they are going to be the ketchup and mustard packets. Lucky for them I am such a crafty mom.....eeekkkkk!!! How the heck am I going to make fast food costumes!!!!

Catherine is really into doing crafts, so we made pumpkins. Jack-o-lanterns are sometimes blue, right?

This is Victoria's version of a wave, or maybe she's saying, "get all this yogurt off me!"

I was totally humiliated at Kroger today. My face is still red from the embarrassment. First, I noticed Victoria's dress was on backwards. As I lifted her out of the cart, she grabbed onto my shirt. She pulled really hard with those strong little fingers of hers and yanked my shirt down. Not just a little bit, way down!!! You would think the baggers would look politely away, but they all started laughing and pointing. I may have to move.

Tuesday will be better, right?


  1. Had to laugh...just a little though :)


  2. I can't wait to see those costumes!!! They were not laughing at you, they were just laughing at what she did, Right? hehe

  3. Oooh -- that's a difficult one! A happy meal costume!
    Honestly, I would use cardboard - a front panel and a back panel for each child. Cut the cardboard into the proper shape and include a hole for the face. Paint the cardboard.
    That's probably the most affordable way to do it. You just need a sketch or illustration of each design, a few large boxes, a box cutter, some twine (to hold the two sides together so the child can "wear" it) and some paint.
    But you need to be quite artistic. Are you artistic??

  4. Oh no, you too? I had a downright rotten day! Yes, tomorrow has to be better!

  5. Ah -- there's a show on Comedy Central called Aqua Teen.
    It's a cartoon designed for older teens/adults, but there's a fries character and a drink character.

    I would Google it and use those illustrations as a guide. They would be really simple to draw/paint.

    Perhaps use drawings/animations of Mayor McCheese as inspiration for the hamburger?

    Thinking about it a bit more...
    For the babies, they won't tolerate cardboard. Honestly, I'd get some iron-on letters, a red shirt and a yellow shirt and I'd add lettering that says "ketchup" and "mustard." Costumes done! LOL


  6. Geez, I think you & I must have some hidden connection. LOL. I've had YOUR day today!!! Let's see here. No one was behaving whatsoever. Teens never made lunches for school. I fed my kids cupcakes for lunch. Don't ask. They didn't complain. Late for soccer. During said match, my daughter screams in her loudest voice while pulling my hair back "OOH, you have BAD dandruff. You really have bad dandruff. You need to get shampoo, etc." Mortified, I kept telling her to be quiet while somehow figuring a way to say it's not me she's speaking to. oh, before all this, I made cupcakes for what was supposed to be soccer snacks. however, had to borrow from a neighbor egg replacement. Yeh, I didn't know they made that either! LOL. Turned out okay, yet spongy. Kids won't care. Felt guilty so decided to stop by the store while dumping my kid & husband out on the field like a bunch of hitch hikers so I could make it back in time. Mission accomplished. Back to dinner. Son spills an entire plate of spaghetti...on...the...dog. Next son spills it all over the table. Have to yell at the kids NOT to bring in the cockroach from outside. Only to discovered they'd captured a frog 2 days ago and never released him. Still alive. Told other son to stop eating legos. This list could go on forever but I'm afraid there's not enough space. So glad I'm not alone in this kid raising adventure. Like I say with every new day brings fresh hope. Here's hoping tomorrow is better for us both. Now, I'm going to sit down w/ my hidden stash of nutella. Thanks for sharing. Stephanie.

  7. I'm excited for the Halloween costumes. A happy meal family will be great. Will you be Ronald? I LOVE Catherine's face in the pictures. She is too excited about those blue pumpkins! As for the shirt... Well you've brightened someone's day I'm sure. I feel quiet sure that Tuesday will be better!

  8. Tomorrow is always better..... until it happens. LOL

  9. I vote for Grimace! Someone has to be Grimace!

    Get some posterboard, and cut them to the approximate shape. Staple them around the kids (one staple above the shoulder, one under the armpit) so it stays on. Careful, now! Little ones can wear a t-shirt with an iron-on. Or a red and a yellow tee. Do the bigger kids have a big tee they could borrow? Turn it inside out, and it will hang to their feet. They will look like big packets. You could even do a cutout letter and tape it to their shirt, a big "M" and "K." Or "French's" and "Heinz." Kids can work all month on coloring them.

    BTW, one year I was pregnant and went to a costume party as "Mustard." I had a yellow sweater, and was so round, I looked like a bottle of Plochman's. Have you ever seen that spoof video on the "Costume Warehouse?" It's totally NTFW (Not Safe For Work), which means it's not safe around the kids, the guy uses a few four-letter-words and it's just sort of, well, grown-up, but it's a funny spoof on stupid women's "sexy" costumes. One of them is "Sexy Mustard." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4rUiV_Hh74

  10. Absolutely love the happy meal costume idea - your kids are brilliant!
    The last picture made me want to send you a box of bibs. So glad we're past that stage here (except when it's an icecream cone - my son is a disastrous ice cream cone eater).
    To a better day!

  11. The chili mix-up made me chuckle. :) Darn look-alike spices!!

  12. Isn't it funny the best ideas are the hardest to make?? I love the idea though! So cute!! And as always, LOVE the cute pictures!!!


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