"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Where the Wild Things Are

I felt like we were getting in kind of a rut. You know, wake up, eat breakfast, change lots of poopy diapers, collapse on the couch. So I decided we would be wild today.

Catherine wanted to watch a video on youtube at breakfast. I am kind of anti-tv with my kids, but in keeping with my "be wild" theme, I decided to let her choose a video.

She chose brain surgery. Then, she picked knee surgery. She was totally entranced. The sound of the saw on the bone was quite the appetite suppressment for me.

Then, we read a million books to off-set the loss of brain cells from the tv. I know, I am weird about tv!

Since it wasn't 100 degrees here today, we decided to go to the park to have a picnic. It was only about 9 in the morning and I was getting a little nervous about how I was going to keep up the wild day theme all day.

You won't see any pictures of Francesca in the sand. She adamently refused to even dip her toe in.

Francesca and Catherine are starting, slowly and cautiously, to form a bond. I think it's going to be a long journey for them.

The interesting thing is, both of them are totally tolerant of Victoria. Victoria can take a toy from them, fall on them and they are peachy keen about it. But if Francesca and Victoria get near each other, the nightmare screaming commences.

After spending two and a half hours in the car picking up my various off-spring from schools that are in the opposite directions, we played in the front yard. (I don't venture in the backyard too much, what with the three big dog's presents lying around).

I love this one of Francesca.

See, we don't need to spend the money on a trampoline! The green electric box works just fine.

You may have noticed that Victoria is not sporting her fancy NG tube lately. I made an executive decision and decided to take a break. She was always yanking it out, the tape made a rash on her skin and it leaked everywhere. So far she s eating really well and doesn't appear to be starving, but I feel like I should be measuring out exactly what she is eating and recording it to show the doctors.

This is Victorias determined face. She always sticks out her tongue.

Catherine was so good today that I gave her a gumdrop after lunch. Three hours later, she proudly handed me a tiny, sticky lump. She had that gumdrop in her mouth all that time. She looked up at me hopefully and all I could think of to say was, "Good job honey!" My dentist will love us.

I think "wild day" was a success!


  1. LOL @ the gumdrop! I had the opposite experience- my 6 yr old never had gum before and his T-ball coach handed out some Big League Chew for the kids... I was nervous right away. I told him over and over- DON'T swallow it. Chew chew chew, and when you're done you throw it away. He goes out onto the field and 2 seconds later, yells across the field that he was done chewing so he swallowed it. UGH!!

  2. suggestion with Victoria - would weighing the diapers do (doo?) the trick in knowing that she is eating/processing enough? That's what they did with my son, when he was sick and they weren't so sure about how much he was getting.

  3. I wouldn't call that being weird about TV. I'd say it's being sensible. Way too many commercials, not enough show/movie/etc (and most of the shows aren't that great either...how many crime shows are there now? Who's to count?). If anything, I'd go with Netflix. $8/ month for streaming on two devices simultaneously. I call it the "used bookstore" of streaming media options.

  4. I thought every day was wild day in your house!!
    Love all the pics and every thing you all did!

    Your kids are so blessed to have you. I know and you to have them too, but you really are a beautiful mama!

  5. Haha! Good for you going with your mommy instinct on the NG tube!


  6. Ok, the pictures of your kids are just beautiful! The ones where they are flying through the air just make me happy.
    We are strict about TV here, too. No more than one hour a day of non-commercial mom approved kid programs. I second the vote for Netflix. We get a ton of decent programs that way for our son.
    I don't see that you'd need much TV - your family seems more fun and interesting than TV shows anyhow :) I'd rather read your blog than watch it, for sure!
    I bet Victoria does great without that NG tube. Stuff like that is exhausting and annoying, and if your mom-sense tells your she'd getting enough to eat now, and she's wetting/soiling plenty of diapers - why put yourselves through that??? She's looking so pretty and happy, too.

  7. Looks like it was a success! gorgeous pics :)

  8. Precious, beautiful pictures of all your babies! Love them and you!


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