"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The First of Many

Today was a big day for Victoria. She got casts on her legs to stretch them so they will be able to bend. We will still go to Philly to see the specialist on Arthrogryposis, but for now, the physical therapist said it couldn't hurt to try.

The casting took about an hour and she screamed the whole time. Her left leg only has 25% bend in it and her right leg is at 40%. We're hoping to get to 90%, someday!

I worry that she sees me as the one who is doing all this to her. She hasn't been smiling as much and she won't look at me. Poor baby.

She can't sit up too much or the cast will press into her leg. She can't crawl either or the casts might slide down. Good times.

She got feet splints too. They are going to bend her feet downwards. Right now she bends them up.

The kids had fun decorating her casts. The physical therapist will remove them in a week and then we'll see if it helped.

We have to be careful how we carry her now. Since her hips are out of joint and the casts are heavy, the physical therapist said to hold her upright.

Victoria and I are totally exhausted after her big day.

Apparently, Catherine and Francesca are not!!!


  1. Oh baby girl! She seems like she's taking it like a trooper though!


  2. Oh, poor Victoria! I am praying for all these interventions to help her and for her to realize that you are doing this out of love. I just LOVE Francesca's cheesy smile!

  3. Oh poor little one and poor you. I hope it works! God bless you for all you are doing for your little ones. And with such a sense of humour....

  4. Look at those cute chubby thighs, she has come so far. She looks healthy now, yipee!!!!! Hope all goes well with the casting, poor baby.

  5. I'm tempted to say "poor baby" about the uncomfortable casts BUT what I am really thinking is.. What a blessing! If she wasn't with you this would never be happening! Those gorgeous chunky legs would have been left to waste away! While I am sure it's not the MOST comfortable, one day when she is walking and talking, she will thank you.

    Go Victoria go!

  6. Oh my, children are such troopers. If you put all that paraphelia on an adult, we'd expect a sleeping pill to go with it every night. Praying this week goes by very quickly!

  7. It is so weird that Henry's legs with arthrogryposis bend TOO MUCH!!!


    PS I am going to call you to chat in the next few days...

  8. You do realize that it looks like Victoria is smoking a cigar in that first pic, right?? Can't believe you didn't say something about that. :-)

  9. That casting is extremely painful and lasts the entire time she has them on. I would suggest childrens M*trin/Adv*l around the clock. It's possible that she might even need a prescription pain med. Talk to her Pediatrician, if you haven't already. I'd hate to see her go backwards, in regards to bonding because she is in a lot of pain. Praying for All of you, but especially Victoria. Hugs ~ Jo

  10. I love to see Victoria making progress, and am so glad something can be done, but I sympathize with you,too, that you have to be the "bad guy". May all of you see good results soon, and I pray that she will know in her heart that she can trust you even in this.

  11. Love the chubby thighs, and that's with you being able to discontinue the NG tube. You are an awesome mom.

  12. look at the meat on her bones!! wow!! poor sweetie. at least she isn't starving anymore. :)


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