"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Deep Thoughts

Well, not really.....I'm not sure I am even capable of profound reasoning anymore, though maybe I never was.......hmmmmmm

I did learn something this week that sadly most people already know how to do - texting. My Dad had to teach me. Maybe someday I'll learn how to use the tv remote.

I finally got Isabella and Anastasia's school situation figured out. They are going to a hybrid type of school for two days a week. Tuesday was their first day.

The other days I will homeschool them. I kind of missed them. It is really weird for me not to have them home on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but it will give me more time with little Catherine, Francesca and Victoria. Though I seemed to have lost my ability to be as creative as I remember being with Elliot. He was an only child for 8 1/2 years and I remember playing with him for hours. Back then, I couldn't even imagine how I could find the time to have another child. Now, I hate to say it, but I am the tiniest bit bored with stacking blocks and making playdough snakes.

I taught Catherine how to use scissors and she made Anastasia a bookmark. Catherine was really, really good with the scissors, which kind of scares me.

I am really proud of Anastasia. She is on her 7th book of a series called "Charlie Bone." I think the books are for older kids, but she is really persevering with it.

Carol came by today. She should know better than to ever wear good clothes over to my house.

The kids think she is a jungle gym.

I really wish I could be more creative and inspiring like some other blogs I read, but, most days I am lucky to be in an up-right position. As my mom said today, as if she suddenly had an epiphany, "You really have a lot of kids."

You know how you can think that you know that something is going to be hard, but then, it turns out that it's really much harder than you could have imagined? That's me, not imagining anymore. But, like someone said to me the other day, "you wanted this", which is certainly true, though I wonder when I am going to get it all together?

One idea I have considered to save time, is that all the toys I find on the floor everyday should be stapled high up on the wall.

Also, maybe I'll get a megaphone.

Anyone have any other ideas?


  1. Yes, you wanted the kids, but that doesn't mean that it's not hard and that you can't say that. I don't have kids yet, and I so admire you and people like you that have children, especially big families(I'm an only child!!). Keep up all the great things you are doing, keep writing with your humor, and I say, if it works, staple some toys to the walls!! Peace, Allison

  2. hun we have a large family.and it gets easier when they get older and all i can say is just laugh and enjoy it..there gods gifts and we love them..

  3. I have six kids too and I always wanted to have six, but it really does get hard at times. That doesn't mean I've changed my mind or that I regret it at all - I'm just stating a fact!

  4. I go home tomorrow...so I have no words of wisdom...except try to put dinner in the crock pot every morning at 8am before the craziness of the day begins...it is my secret weapon, I will email you some super easy recipes when I get home!!

    and if there is anything I know for sure, it is thatthe things that are hardest are always the most worth doing....

    hugs from Henry and I on our last day in U!!


  5. I only have 4 going on 5 children so things are not quite as chaotic but we do homeschool them so things can get crazy. I 2nd the crockpot. My personal secret weapon? A menu! Every payday I write a menu for 2 weeks. I can pick/choose a meal depending on what is going on for each day. It often includes crockpot recipes.

    My FAVORITE crockpot recipe is actually baked potatoes! I wash and poke them with a fork, wrap them each in foil, throw in the crockpot for 8-10 hours or so on low and we have a baked potato bar for dinner!

    My crew is currently throwing baby dolls in the air. I need to go and save the babies!

  6. You are so hysterically funny, I wish you were my next door neighbor. I only have 2 children (my little boy has Ds and that is how I found you through RR) but we live the same kind of lifestyle!! LOVE your blog!!

  7. I haven't visited your blog since about a week after you brought the girls home, and I just have to say that I am so happy to see Victoria smiling in that second picture with your friend covered in kids. She is looking at her, and smiling, and it just makes me smile seeing how far she has come. You are very obviously doing something very right!! And by they way, I really hate it when people say "you wanted this" when you say something is hard. Just because you wanted something and worked hard to make it happen doesn't mean you don't deserve support and to be able to express your feelings. I have 4 kids, none of them special needs, and it's hard for me sometimes too!

  8. Oh please don't change your blog to "creative and inspiring". It's much more inspiring the way it is. I love reading "those" blogs too, but you make me laugh and not feel guilty for not being able to make life looks so grand all the time. I lose my mind regularly with my 2 kids and I have no idea how you keep going with 6 but it definitely inspires me that you just do it. I also played for endless hours with my first child, devoting every waking second to her entertainment, health, and development. Now I find pretend play, etc a LOT boring - not sure what happened but I hit my quota on "make it talk like a princess" and wrestling clothes onto polly pocket dolls a long time ago.

  9. I haven't adopted (yet!) and have 2 children currently and I often feel like a loon. Parenting is just work isn't it? Lots of reward...and lots of work! I read this right before reading your blog and thought maybe I should share it with you. You are not alone!!

  10. Another vote for "I like your blog the way it is!" Some people try too hard to be creative and inspiring--I like yours!

    I also wanted to comment on Victoria's smile in that picture--brought tears to my eyes!

    I haven't commented before but have been reading since before you brought the girls home.

    And I want to thank Erin for that link though it wasn't posted for me!

  11. The only suggestion I have as a fellow-mom-of-six is to remember that your real life is happening all around you every moment, and those moments are what counts...not how clean your house is, how well you manage your to-do list, etc. Just "staying upright" and providing a home where love dwells is a LOT! Give yourself plenty of grace and know that those of us who are reading your blog are impressed! :)

  12. You are the kind of person who makes other people feel like they are not failures. You just seem very comfortable with being you, and don't offer advice about how to do everything to be as perfect as you .. so it makes it easy to feel ok. Like for me, I know you'd say it's ok that I also didn't do as much with my other kids as I did with my first. I just told my eldest that this morning; that the reading of stories and rocking every single night basically stopped with her! My excuse (to me) was that I started taking classes for nursing school when I became pregnant with our 2nd, and just kept going from that point on, but she interrupted me by telling me, "and look how I turned out. Not perfect, so it doesn't work, anyway." Well, that wasn't the point I was going for, but it'll do.

    I bet if you started listing confessions right here, your followers would line up making the same ones, or better (worse) ones. :) Your blog is a fun place to read, and I like how relaxed your style is and wish I was more like you. Your kids are wildly wonderful. Clearly, you realize it.


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