"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, September 5, 2011


This weekend has centered all around food and family and friends. I really enjoyed relaxing and taking a break from worrying about all the decisions I have to make soon about surgeries and schools and life!

Yesterday we went to Theresa's for grilling out on a real fire pit - no charcoal!

Catherine gave everyone a scare when she put this big fluffy thing in the fire. It burst into flames and Theresa's husband, Christian, had to grab it and stomp on it. Catherine was so freaked out she almost couldn't eat smores, but she managed to recover. Never a dull moment with Catherine.

Everything was delicious, except I didn't like the baby octopus! I just couldn't eat something that had been speared through it's tiny little head. Though, of course, Francesca ate it!

Today was my mom's birthday. She requested that I cook. I enjoy cooking about as much as scrubbing the kitchen floor with a toothbrush, but, for my mom, I did it. I even made meatballs!

Now I have to decide what to do about the girls' surgeries. The doctor who did little Catherine's skull surgery is in Texas. He is the best. The doctor's here in Atlanta are supposed to be good, but I just don't have full confidence in them. For example, the doctor here in Atlanta ordered a CT of Francesca's head, even though he said it wasn't really necessary since they already know which sutures are fused in her head (which is why her head is so mis-shapen). CT's have a lot of radiation in them, which is not very good to be exposed to. The doctor in Texas advises against it. So what do I do? Do I go with my gut, and go to Texas or go with what is easier and the more "normal" course?

As far as Victoria goes, the doctors here want to do surgery on her hands and feet and cut the muscles in her legs. A doctor in Philidelphia who specializes in Arthrgryposis does casting, which is much less invasive. But how the heck do I go to Philadelphia every week for casts?

So, now that I have stressed myself out, I am going to bed! Any advice or ideas would be great!!!


  1. Just trust yourself. YOU are a fantastic mother...and you will make the best choice for you and your family!!!


  2. I say pray and wait on an answer and in the meantime try not to worry (Easier said than done I know)

    If you need a place to crash on your way to Philly we're about 2-3 hours from there :)

  3. If you do decide to come to Philly I live about 30 minutes from Shriners hospital, I could be your local tour guide or an extra set of hands to help out. I have met a couple of other RR families that have come here for arthro castings. There are 2 really nice Ronald McDonald houses right here.
    Good Luck!

  4. Hmmm, based on your account of the BBQ, I feel I could get along with your family very well. haha. Every blog post I read, the more I love your family.

  5. Do those docs have any colleagues in ATL that they would share the workload with? Perhaps if they can communicate together, maybe you could get by with less travel?
    And if you ever need to come to see the docs in Los Angeles, you'd have a place to stay with us!!

  6. Good luck making these decisions. I have no great advice but I'm sure you'll do what's best!

  7. You don't have to go to Philly every week. They are very very flexible. It means a longer time in the cast but more time between visits. I would do the casting. Aaron had the cutting on his feet when he was small and his feet reverted. Now he has nasty scars and horrible scar tissue which almost made it impossible to get his feet into the 90 degrees they needed to go.

  8. I say go with your gut and the right things will fall into place. The gut feelings never seem to be wrong.

    Looks like you guys had a great weekend! Loved all the cute pictures!

  9. The first time we had to fly for medical, I was freaked out. Now 2 years later it has all worked out. Angel flight is a great orgaization

  10. Go with your gut....if you know where the best surgeons are and have had good experiences, go with what you know! The logistics will come together! Love your stories of your everyday life!! Peace, Allison

  11. Love your blogging! I think casting sounds better but you can only do what you can do. If the surgeon is good.........it will be ok.

  12. GUT....go with it!!!
    Sunnie in NC

  13. Google Angel Flight. They provide flights for families in financial need who must travel for medical care. I've been communicating with the Central office about whether we might use their services once Joshua is home, because we, too, are going to take everyone's advice and skip the local doctors and head to Philly for the best of the best. There is a branch serving the South region.

  14. I say move to the Philadelphia area. I'm in South Jersey,about 10 minutes from Philly, and every time I read your blog I wish you were my neighbor. It seems like so much fun at your house! My neighbors are all so stuffy and boring, so I wouldn't be sad to see any of them go. I'll bring you a casserole!

  15. I was going to agree with the Philly route; I've seen where others have done the casting and I think the less invasive, the better. I hear he's very gentle; I wish he could work with more drs so they could learn his technique and probably his bedside manner, too! Also, where in Tx? Probably Dallas, but if it's Houston, let me know! Yes, Ronald McD house is your best bet. The one we stayed in had a free shuttle that you could take (even though it was only a few blocks away, it is hard to carry a child and a day's worth of "stuff" with you, so shuttles are great). And I know a few families who have used Angel Flights, and say great things about it.


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