"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, March 4, 2011


I haven't been posting about our adoption for one reason. I am scared to death something might go wrong! I almost feel like if I write about them, then something bad might happen. I know, logically, this isn't true, but I am a nervous Nelly. You would think that since we have adopted twice before, that I would be able to relax. Not so. I have no updates about the girls and I have no idea if they are ok, especially little Moira. Several children from Reecesrainbow have died waiting for their families to come for them. So terribly sad and awful. Even though they are only a picture for now, Nastya and Moira are already in my heart.

Here is Nastya (in the back) sitting at a table.

Poor little Moira, she looks so sad and alone.

Please pray for them!


  1. Praying. Little Nastya looks a lot like my little one did years ago:) Praying they will be home safe and sound soon.

  2. Oh, look at the joy in Nastya's sweet smile! What a gorgeous girl! I trust God will protect your sweet little girls (and my sweet boy, too!) until we can get them home.

  3. Praying! And I saw your question online about dossier prep time. We had our homestudy update and USCIS already. To get the rest of our docs took about a month or so. Good luck getting it all together!

  4. I will continue praying! They are both adorable, beautiful little girls!!! Praying Xavier finds his family soon!

  5. Praying for you Catherine! Praying for the girls. Hope you manage to get word about them soon.


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