"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

4 Snow Days = Crazy, Whiny Mom!!

At first I was really, really excited about having 4 inches of snow! That was Sunday. Now, I am cranky, I have PMS, and I am out of chocolate. We actually took a ride in the car on the solid icy roads just to get out of the house. I thought we could listen to "Dancing Queen" and perk up. Turns out, little Catherine, decided to go into her mode of, "You will pay attention to me or else". So she yelled, "MOOOOOOOMM, you're not answering me!!!!! Does a priest ever sleep? MOOOOOMMM What is inside of me, tell me right now!" for 20 minutes without even taking a breath. Catherine also insists on putting on summer dresses with winter clothes in many layers and then undressing and throwing the clothes everywhere.

I tried sorting socks until I realized I turned all the white socks a puce color, so I can't tell what matches. My husband said he was going to throw them all away and start over. Fine by me.

My son is hoarding the computer and the tv.

My 7 year old spilled hot chocolate all over her bed.

My 10 year old tried to help me make muffins by cracking hard boiled eggs in the mix.

My husband (who has also been home THE ENTIRE TIME) decided to built a 5 foot tall igloo "for the kids". Meanwhile, the kids are no where near the igloo. Sneaky, trying to get a minute to himself!

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  1. That sounds like something my husband would do....you know trying to help out, even though the kids are screaming and running around inside the house, he is outside "helping".


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