"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, February 13, 2012

An Upcoming Wild and Crazy Ride

I have still been pondering the pros and cons of having Victoria's hips re-located. The doctor said to plan on having the surgery sometime in October or November of this year, so I figured I would have plenty of time to worry, I mean, research.
(Catherine, the doctor, is doing a cleft palate repair on her doll, in her pajamas with boots.)

In the meantime, I thought I should go ahead and schedule her surgery to fix her thumbs. Her thumbs are supinated, which basically means they rotate the wrong way. She can get her whole hand into lots of small spaces, but having supinated thumbs is not so helpful in picking up things or writing etc.

I figured scheduling this surgery would be a no-brainer, but, as I have said before, my kids like to bring lots of surprises and excitement to my life.

The doctor actually said he wants to schedule the hip surgery for April, as in two months from now. Also, he wants to do one thumb surgery at the same time.

Ok, I'm thinking, deep breathing, visualize a calm scene, grab for a Hershey's bar, go to my happy place......Freak out!!!

I am a worrier, this is true, but I tried to focus on the fact that maybe this was some kind of sign that I should do the surgery.

But what if I make the wrong decision for Victoria?

Then, I remembered that Francesca is supposed to be scheduled for her 2nd fingers and toes release in April too. Travis was planning on taking her to Texas this time so I didn't have to leave Victoria.
(After 7 weeks, Francesca still has one finger that hasn't healed. She is getting very good at yanking off the bandages; she even uses her teeth. See the masking taped to the sock!)

Two kids in casts for over a month at the same time. No problemo. Yipee!!!

We'll just move all the beds downstairs and order fast food for six weeks. It'll be a party.

We can do it!!!!! Piece of cake.



  1. both kids with casts at the same time vs having a kid in a cast for a month followed by another kid in a cast...

    at the same time seems like it would be a challenge but then it would be done and overwith (well atleast until the next surgery)

    you can do it!!! and you can vent via your blog for all of us readers :) kidding...

  2. We'll love you, Catherine, whatever you decide! ;-)

    Hugs from Ohio (and I know I will likely majorly FREAK when I get *the* call for Katya's reconstructive surgery . . . )

  3. I think it would be easier to have one done and home for a week or so and then do the other one. That way the first one would be settled (somewhat) into a routine and the next one could get more attention at that time. Only you know your kiddos well enough to know what will work best for you. What ever you decide, I know your bloggy friends and lurkers will be here to pray for you through it all. God Bless You! You might want to stock up on chocolate before all this, though!!!

  4. Go for it, but you'll have to share your cake with hubby! :)
    The hip surgery is very important and the younger the better to get that done. The only fear would be if the giardia isn't under control. Yikes, that would be a mess. (no pun intended)

  5. I have an idea to protect Francesca's hand -- how about a too-big long sleeved tshirt or sweatshirt, with the arm hole stitched closed? Or if you're too busy, you could even safety pin it closed. This would keep her from yanking off the bandages. You could even be creative and put some eyes on the sleeve... Voila! Instant sock puppet!

    I think you need a magic sleeve full of chocolate for yourself, while you're at it.

    I know this sounds crazy, but like I've said before, if y'all come out to Los Angeles for any surgeries, you could stay at our place and I'd be happy to help you out. I have two little sweet ones of my own (4 and 1).

  6. I am fairly new to your blog, so if this a question that has been asked before, I apologize. I know you had some concerns about having the hip surgery done on Victoria in the first place. Have you by any chance asked older adults who had the surgery as children(if they were performing this type of surgery in the past) how they are doing now? How they think they benefited from it, and what they would do differently. What about alternative treatments like chiropractic? (I do not know what caused Victoria's hips to be the way they are so I do not even know if that is even a consideration, but I thought I might suggest looking into it.) I cannot imagine being in your shoes and having so many serious decisions to make. I admire you and you are truly an inspiration to us all. Even in the face of what would cause me to turn into a blubbering mess, you still are able to find humor in it all. Your kids are beautiful and I would love to come hang out with you all someday! When my 11 year old daughter and I read your blog each night, she asks if we can do anything for you since we live fairly close in Woodstock. Maybe you can think of something that would be helpful. I will continue praying for you and the sweet little ones as they face more surgeries. Thank you for sharing your story with us. :)

    1. Hi! Thanks for writing. Victoria was born with both of her hips out of joint, which is very common. I have talked to a few older people with Arthrogryposis. Back then, the surgery was not as good, so it is hard to compare. There was one person who was 50 and didn't have any arthritis and still had her hips dis-located. The surgery is supposed to make her muscles work more efficiently, so she will get less tired and also help with pain in the future, but there is no guarantees. Though, I guess nothing in life is a sure thing!

  7. I have been reading your blog, pray for the kids and your family. You inspire because your cup is always half full. I know you live in Georgia and I live in Woodstock (small world). If you need help, just holler.


  8. I just know you can do whatever it takes... Once you have received all medical input, asked all your questions, received guidance and felt what is best to do,... then you'll be able to do it all. And it will be one day at a time, one moment at a time... From the decision point on, it won't be helful to handle the tasks at hand and imagine teh tasks of the following day and the next... You'll just keep your strength and your breath for the next step, and then the next... Yes, YOU CAN! and they can too... In loving support, Eva

  9. Looks like I need to send some more chocolate your way!



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