"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Big 3!!!!

Yesterday was Francesca's birthday. I can't believe she is three years old already! She had no idea what a birthday was about, but she clearly loved all the attention. She received her very first birthday card from Grandpa and Mema.

Catherine did great with NOT being the center of attention.

Though everyone once in a while, she did have to jump in front of the camera to take back center stage.

She got a balloon from Theresa.....

and a delicious dinner.....thank you Theresa.

I am kind of famous (at least in my own mind) for my creative birthday cakes, however, I was really tempted to just buy a cake for Francesca. After all, what kind of creative cake could I make for a three year old whose hobby is eating....wait a minute.......

An idea began to build......

“It requires a certain kind of mind to see beauty in a hamburger bun.”
Ray Kroc, creator of the McDonald's franchise

Well, I must have that certain kind of mind.....ta-da, the hamburger cake, for the girl who loves food! The "meat" was made with a brownie and the buns were yellow cake.

I am kind of neurotic about using red food dyes and I didn't want to use a lot of icing, so the "cheese slices" were made out of cantaloupe....carefully cut by Carol.

The pickles were Kiwi slices.

The mustard was icing; we had to have some icing! Notice the crazy, hyper kids in the background.

We thought we could use green icing to make lettuce, but it just didn't look right. Hmmmm.....what do to with all the extra icing?

We just couldn't let perfectly good icing go to waste!

Carol, really, really liked the icing!

Victoria, meanwhile, was trying to open up her own bottle of cavity causing goo. Yummy!

What to do about this darn lid?

When all else fails, scream!!!

The girls decided to get all dressed up.

We really know how to party around here!

Francesca loved getting her "own" baby doll, one that will not be snatched away by a nameless pixie.

Only a month to Anastasia's birthday! That's one of the great things about having a big family, we have lots of opportunities to have cake!

Happy Birthday sweet Francesca!!! We are so glad that you are home with us!


  1. Aww, three years old!!!!! I love the pigtails!!!!! You rocked the cake!

  2. How creative.. Love the cake. The pickles make it..lol. Happy Birthday Francesca. Your girls are so sweet. You must be doing something right. ;o)

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! You rocked the cake and had me Smiling from ear to ear AGAIN! All of the girls look great. Great party!

  4. Happy birthday Francesca! I'm so happy you were celebrated the way you deserve! Oh and Catherine.. I love that cake!!! So creative!

  5. Love the pigtails, love that cake! She looks great and so happy :).

  6. That is one pretty amazing birthday cake! Super creative! I never would have thought about using the fruit!

    I'm going to repeat what everyone else is saying and agree with the love towards the pigtails! (they're adorable on little catherine too, as I'm sure she'd love to know!). Happy Birthday Francesca!

  7. Great Cake!!!!! Happy Birthday beautiful girl!!!

  8. Happy Birthday Francesca!!! That cake is amazing!! Super impressed with it:) Your family is beautiful!!!

  9. Fantastic cake ... though I would have needed LOTS more icing ;) Happy birthday to dear sweet Francesca ... she looks so happy. PS - Aziza has that same Laura Ashley dress that Vctoria is wearing.


  10. If only I had a digital image of the hamburger cake I made 20yrs ago... By the way, I used spearmint jellies (kind of like gumdrops but all green and leaf shaped) for the lettuce. I loved making that cake but it was a total pain to cut and eat.
    Looks like Francesca had a fun day.

  11. That cake is genius! How creative. Happy Birthday, Francesca!

  12. What a perfect "first" birthday!!! That cake is fabulous!!!

    Happy Birthday Sweet Francesca!!!!

    and btw, she has the best hair ever. I'm always meaning to tell you that but I always forget!!! it's just beautiful!

  13. Happy Birthday Francesca!!

    I totally LOVE the cake idea! I may borrow it for my sons birthday! His should be easy...he eats his burger plain. Dry, nasty... Easy to replicate!! Sheri

  14. Happy birthday beautiful girl! Your mama is very talented at cake making! Love and miss you!

  15. Happy Belated Birthday, sweet Francesca! I have tears in my eyes. (We have been praying for you to have these things for so long...) So good to see your smiling happy face. Catherine, you're a great mom.

  16. LOL. The look on Francesca's face when she is on the couch with all the girls!!! LOL...the second picture where making faces....she cracks me up. To me looks like she is rolling her eyes. Wow Happy B-day! My guy didn't get this first or 2nd birthday home but by number 3 he was partying away.

  17. Happy Birthday Francesca!! That is a fabulous cake, well done!!

  18. Happy Birthday cutie! The cake looked great too!!!

  19. I love the cake! And I'm glad she had an incredible birthday. She is so beautiful with her pig tails. :-)

  20. Gotta save that first birthday card ever! A keepsake.
    Such a nice party!

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  22. Happy birthday Francesca! She is so cute. It must be fun to feed her. Plus, she seems to be the life of party.

  23. Happy late birthday Francesca! Have a wonderful year and keep your family on their toes!!

  24. Happy Belated Birthday sweet Francesca! Catherine you did a great job on the cake! I might have to steal that one! Wow, I can't get over how different your two little ones look compared to the first time I saw them here in Ukraine! It is amazing what some love and compassion can do. Keep up the good work, you are amazing! HUGS!!!! Jenny


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