"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Family and Fairies

I am so glad that summer is here! It's my favorite time of the year. We all love being outside as much as we can, even our cats, Squirrel and "small headed" Garfield.

My mom's garden is really in full bloom.

We all need to relax as well as Squirrel can! 

I think little Catherine wants to be planted outside.

Grandpa came for a surprise visit. We were all so glad to see him! 

You can see where Elliot gets his blue eyes from! 

Anastasia has been very conscientious in watering her garden. 

Grandma and the girls have been designing their own fairy gardens. 

Victoria loves to balance on the garden path. 

Isabella and her fairy horses. 

I just had to put this picture in, because little Catherine actually matches! 

Francesca loves being outside too! 

This is Victoria's angry stomp. She gets quite mad if she can't have what she wants. She is really starting to learn that she has to talk and ask for what she wants. Tonight at dinner, she told me "No noodles mama, milk please!" Pretty darn impressive! 

Thanks for visiting Dad! 

Hope everyone is enjoying your summer! I would love ideas about how to keep five kids occupied during the really hot months. 


  1. bubbbles, sidewalk chalk, and water and buckets ;)

  2. kiddie pool with bubbles (dish soap and high pressure hose), dawn and dusk playground visits, hide n seek in the house, craft projects, and (bag over head) cartoons?

  3. I'd happily vote for year-round school if it ever got on the ballot!
    In the meantime we broke down and spent the money for a pool membership but since my kids don't do well with crowds we'll figure out the slowest time of day and go then. It seems like the garden you have is a great way to spend time outside. We have a small one this year and already it's taking up lots of their time. I'm thinking we'll rotate trips to all the city parks maybe with picnics which should take up a good chunk of a day. We'll probably do some family visits and try to convince cousins to come visit us as well. I may assign them some book reports or workbooks too and hopefully I'll have the patience to spend some time in the kitchen teaching them how to make various goodies which there never seems to be the time or patience for during the school year.
    Good luck this summer!
    P.S. The changes in Victoria since she joined your family are nothing short of miraculous.

  4. I sure hope things are going ok...miss hearing from you and praying that everybody is doing good!

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