"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Unwelcome Guest

When the girls came home last June, I immediately asked that they be tested for parasites. I had a bad feeling they both had them, judging by the totally disgusting quality of their poop. The doctor from the hospital assured me he would have them both checked.

Surprisingly, all their tests came back negative.

Except, the poop never got any better. After another month, I asked the pediatrician if she was absolutely, positively sure that Francesca did NOT have any parasites. They told me she was fine and to try her on a probiotic and call them in a few weeks.

So I waited, but I just knew something was not right, so I asked her to check the lab work that was done back in June. Well, lo and behold, Francesca had only been tested for one parasite. So, I collected more scary samples and guess what? Yep, she had a parasite.

Who me?

After Victoria had her cleft palate repaired, she went through some scary digestive issues. Weeks and weeks went by and she was no better. This time I called her GI doctor who said she might have gotten something in the hospital. They told me to give her bananas and rice and call back in a few weeks.

There was no way bananas were going to clear this up! I requested that they check the results of Victoria's tests back in June. The GI doctor discovered that Victoria had never even been tested for Giardia!

I was mad!! For five months my poor baby had Giardia and we never knew!!

So, I am happy to report that Victoria finally no longer has any stomach cramps and has gained another two pounds!!!! She is eating everything!

Stupid doctor. I sure would like to send him a special present, perhaps a little mircroorganism. At least it would be a gift that keeps on giving.


  1. lady - I just LOVE reading your blog. (sorry I don't comment more.) Those girls... so glad you all found eachother!

    I'd like you to send this to your docs... couldn't resist, they're too "cute"!


  2. The swelling on Francesca forehead looks like it's gone down A LOT! Looks great, you can see her beautiful eyes!

  3. Oh that is terrible! Our international adoption clinic tests for every thing that I've ever heard of and plenty I never had in terms of parasites! Good thing they do! Kristina tested positive for a parasite that they said they did not typically see coming from her area of Russia! Getting it cleared up out of her GI tract made a lot of things better! Katya, amazingly enough, did not test positive for any parasites. She seems to be doing fine . . . so I'll just assume they were right about that in the absence of any evidence to the contrary. Good for you for continuing to insist on getting help!

  4. That is so absurd!!!! What is it with American doctors who do not believe we can get parasites????
    Good for you mom!

  5. Good for you for staying on them docs like stink on a monkey... I went to my first MD appointment with a list of "international adopted kids recommended lab tests" and said "You will run these on my kiddos", and they did each and everyone! My kids only had the H-Pylori bacteria in their stomachs, but after the antibiotics both were amazed that their tummy aches, acid reflux and sensitivity to foods went away!
    I think a poopy sample is gift enough for them, or put the microbe front in center on a big card with the message "NEVER NEGLECT THE OBVIOUS" :).

  6. Uh poor babies! I got Giaria while in Africa...nasty feeling little bugger. Hopefully she is feeling better!

  7. When we adopted, we didn't even have the kids tested for parasites, I just went right ahead and treated them for it, assuming they probably had them. I just mixed a tsp of black walnut hull powder in honey and gave them a spoonful every morning. Looked like tar but they actually liked it.

  8. Not surprising! Doctors are just practicing medicine. I think the parents know more! You go sister!

  9. You should be mad. That's infuriating. Send it. It is Christmas after all...


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