"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Francesca's Surgery

What a day! We arrived at the hospital at 6 am. Francesca was very absorbed with her belly button.

She was quite perky!

The surgery lasted about 5 hours and there were three doctors who worked on her the entire time. She has over 1000 stitches!!! They also had to take four inches of skin from both sides of her groin for a graft for her hands. Dr. Fearon is amazing.

My wonderful friend, Rhonda, drove all the way here with her daughter from Oklahoma City to sit with me during Francesca's surgery. What a blessing to have them here!!

After surgery, we had a scare. Francesca was having a lot of trouble breathing, even on oxygen. Her oxygen level should have been 100 and it was dipping down into the 80's. The problem is that Francesca has a very narrow nasal passage. Also, when she was intubated, it caused some swelling in her throat. It was pretty scary hearing her struggle to breath. I was so glad Rhonda was with me!

The doctors also thought that the pain medicine they had given her could have caused her breathing problems. This was not good. She was in a lot of pain, but they didn't want to give her anymore pain meds because of her breathing.

The anesthesiologist decided Francesca needed to be moved to the PICU to be monitored more closely. They took a chest x-ray, ordered as sleep study for later and gave her a breathing treatment. She is resting now, thank God. They didn't have pink casts, so we settled for purple and blue.

Boy, I have a bad headache! I am still hopeful we will get to go home tomorrow. Thank you all so much for your prayers and thoughts!


  1. I just love this child!! Been following her since you went to get her. Glad she is getting the opportunity to have more function in those hands and feet but BLESS HER HEART and YOURS! Praying the breathing was a temporary one time thing. Also praying for pain control. Thanks for keeping us posted. I love hearing about your treasures.

  2. Hi, I have been reading your blog for a long time but never commented. Since English isn´t my native language I find it sometimes hard to express my self.

    I really like your blog and your children are all so precious! I´m glad that Francesca are doing well after her surgery! Poor baby, she must be in so much pain! A co-worker to me had to do a graft after a bad tatoo removing and she said it was the most terrible experience she ever had. Even giving birth to her baby was easier, she told.

    Are you really going home tomorrow? Doesn´t she need to be in hospital for longer after such long surgery?

    I will say a prayer for you and Francesca.


    (I´m sorry for the bad grammar and spelling errors)

  3. Oh poor baby.... My heart!! Praying that she will get some rest and not be in pain tonight. Praying for you too...

  4. When I had surgery I ended up spiking a fever, had trouble breathing and also felt my heart racing. They had put me on morphine for my pain and that is what they think did it. As soon as I was off the morphine I was a lot better. In pain, but at least not having horrible scary side effects. Hoping that is all it was. Praying for Francesca and you!! *hugs*

  5. So sorry we missed you! So glad you weren't alone!

  6. So glad her surgery is over and that her breathing issue was solved. We were thankful for Jenn updating on FB for us. Will continue to pray for her uneventful recovery and no pain.

  7. thank you for taking the time to update. You are in our prayers.

  8. Aw, poor pudding! I'll keep her in my prayers for quick healing and a restful few weeks for you as well, as much as a busy mama can manage I mean. :)

  9. Praying that Francesca's recovery goes well and that her breathing will be better during the night. Also praying for an peaceful flight home. Vitaly hand his last hand surgery today as well. Looking forward to the next posts...~Mary

  10. I am praying for Francesca's full recovery and that that you will be able to return home tomorrow. God bless you all!


  11. Catherine- Sending you all lots of love and strength and PRAYERS for Francesca's recovery. Much love to you...


  12. Prayers for you and Francesca... Poor little one!

  13. I just realized I commented on a post that was from last March or so! You'll probably never see it! It was with your video post on Bulgarian mental institutions, which made me bawl like a baby!
    Prayers for your beautiful girl!

  14. Mz family and I were praying for her before bed, and it was wonderful to wake up to the news that she is better. I hope she has a speedy recovery and can't wait to see those fingers. :)

  15. Been following her progress via Jen J's posts on Facebook. Praying for you all!

  16. Glad it's over! That scare was unnecessary, I'd put in a complaint to Miss Francesca as soon as she's up and at it again! That was a no no!!

    Hope you are home soon and Francesca is feeling better!

  17. Sweet Girl! Praying you get to bust out soon!
    Praying your trip home will be uneventful too! Sheri

  18. Praying forthat sweet girl (and you!)! Hang in there and know that so many people are praying for you!!!!

  19. We are praying!
    Please update us when you can!
    God bless

  20. Blessings! What an ordeal for little Francesca!

  21. Poor baby :(

    We're praying here for you guys, God bless!

  22. Oh how I feel for your sweetie! I have said prayers for her and for you as you help her as she heals. My momma heart aches for what she has to go through to get better use of her hands and feet. Hugs to you as you cope with lack of sleep, lack of good food, and having to watch your lovie as she hurts. Prayers for a speedy recovery and that you get to go home soon.


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