"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


A few months ago I bought 6 pairs of scissors. Everyone was so excited at the prospect of cutting things to pieces that they even wrote their names on them in indelible ink. They hugged the scissors like a long-lost friend.

Ask me how many of those scissors I can find now? Exactly zero.

So, I bought several more pairs last week, but this time I was tricky. I did not tell anyone about my exciting purchases. I crept through the house like a spy and hid one way up high in some dust behind an antique clock. One went in the freezer behind some frozen black-eyed peas. I put the last pair at the bottom of the dogfood container.

Toilet paper is also something I can never, ever find. Honestly, if I could wear toilet paper on a chain around my neck, I would do it. There is nothing worse than being in the bathroom and realizing there is no toilet paper. I just feel kind of stranded. I holler and holler and beg , but no one ever hears me.

They're probably too busy hiding the scissors to come to my aid.

Isabella is particularly bad about losing her hair combs. She loves to dress up in a fancy dress, with cute earrings and a necklace, but having her hair free of pine straw does not seem to be her priority. Of course, my hair is still pink, so who am I to judge.

Today she lost her third set of hair combs.

"Hand over your money, I'm going to the store." I growled.

When I returned with three new combs, I told her to find me some string so I could tie the combs to the towel rack.

Little Catherine had a better idea. She kindly brought me the stapler.

"You can staple the comb to her forehead, then she'll never lose it again!", my sweet little angel suggested.

Geez, kids today are so irresponsible about loosing things!

Well, I'm off to search for the Christmas presents that I hid.......I know they're here......somewhere.


  1. hehe We can't keep up with scissors either! And for the record I did just make a chain to attach B's sippy cup to the dinning table. Of course if she throws her drink hard enough it will come upsnapped :P

  2. I'm glad to read that we aren't the only household that has items that disappear for months on end. I "lost" 6 necklaces that I purchased for Christmas presents LAST year, when did I find them exactly one month ago. LOL

    My daughter is notorious for taking fingernail clippers and scissors, never to be found again and she is 24!!!!! I know what will rectify that problem, when she finds a place of her own. :)

  3. Catherine... have I told you lately that I love you!? You make me smile!!

  4. Very funny post. I too hide scissors just for my own use. Because I can never locate any of the 'community" scissors. I have the same problem with scotch tape. I now keep a sam's club size supply in hiding. Last week I purchased more hair brushes and combs. I gave a set to each of the girls. Each set is a different color so that they can keep track of their own brush and comb. If they misplace them (which is a nice way of saying not put them back where they belong), they are out of luck. I have had too many mornings with arguing over where the brush and comb are and who didn't put it back. I myself do not even have a brush - who has time to brush their hair?

  5. Your posts just crack me up. I look forward to new posts from this blog more than any other blog on my follow list. :)

  6. O.K. seriously yesterday I had a nice little yelling match(in my head)over the fact that no matter how much I remind(threaten) or make nice easy to get to places to keep scissors and tape, I can never find them when I need them. I had to wrap presents yesterday cutting with children scissors.


  7. I just stumbled upon some tape in the girls room the other day...I'd been looking for that. Sheesh, kids nowadays!

  8. http://www.poetryarchive.org/childrensarchive/singlePoem.do?poemId=83 Here is a poem about lost scissors.


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