"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Powers of Persuasion

Everyday it's the same thing.

Isabella and Anastasia argue about whose turn it is to scoop the big litter box and who gets the prize of scooping the smaller litter box. I have tried charts. I have written on the litter boxes. I have flipped coins. I have negotiated, I have threatened.

I am constantly amazed that children who can not remember where they put their shoes, ever, can recall, in exact detail, what chore they did a week ago on Saturday.

"They could have done 100 litter boxes by now!", little Catherine sighed.

I, too, was tired of listening to their bickering, so I gathered the little sweeties together.

"You know, you two really haven't done enough essay writing lately." I began.

I saw them start to sweat a little.

"I have a great idea for something you can both write about." I continued.

They exchanged nervous glances.

"But Mom, it's Saturday!", Anastasia interjected.

"Write me a two page essay and convince me that you deserve to scoop the small litter and the job is yours for a week." I smiled.

Before they could start to whine, I thrust notebook paper and pencils into their little hands and took off.

I knew I'd figure out a way to eat my Oreos in peace.


  1. I think this photo was placed in the wrong post and should go in your last one titled "If looks could kill"!! Anxious to hear the results! ;)

  2. HAHAHA! They look thrilled! Did you share your oreos with Catherine? :)

  3. HA!!!! And the picture is the icing on the cake! You rock, mama!

  4. You are brilliant!

  5. LOL Sounds like what happened at our house, almost.
    Brandon has been having a hard time waking up for school. He is 13 years old and by this age, he should be able to set an alarm and wake up. He has TWO alarm clocks, but he still does not get up. So my husband, who works nights and gets home about an hour before Brandon has to wake up, decided to get some sleep and let Brandon do it on his own. We had told Brandon the night before that he was expected to be up and out of bed by 7:30 and on the school bus (which is right outside the front door) by 8:15. The dog woke Mark up around 10 and he went to take him to the bathroom and there was Brandon... eatting breakfast at the table. He had missed the bus because he had overslept.
    Since he missed school, he got to write an essay explaining why he had missed school, he got to do everyone's chores in the house (since he was NOT going to sit at home watching cartoons or play with his legos) Then he got to write a letter saying he was sorry for missing school. (Brandon HATES writing - he loves math and science but hats math) He was at the table working on that paper for hours!! Finally he got it finished, worked on chores and promised he would NEVER miss school again, lol
    (soon to be mommy of "Sydney")

  6. lol! Love you!


  7. While I love your solution - if I were you I think that for the sake of my own sanity, I'd have to invest in two identical litter boxes!


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