"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Creature in the Bathtub

First, I have to start off saying that I am blind as a bat without my glasses. This explains a lot. So, I went to take a shower and looked down to see a huge, black thing! I am not really scared of creepy, crawly creatures, just as long as they don't attempt to touch me in any way. But this thing was moving towards me, so I did the sensible thing. I screamed! It grabbed onto my foot. I was jumping around the tub, doing the crazy dance, when it leaped onto my leg.

At this point, many small voices were yelling outside of the bathroom door.
"Mom, are you ok!!! Let us in!" Anastasia hollered.

I knew I needed to be calm for my children's sake, so I ceased my screaming and attempted to flop out of the tub on one leg.

Catherine peered into the shower and starting wailing, "It's getting Mommy!!! EEEEKKKK".

That really calmed me down.

By now I was kind of spinning around because I couldn't see where the hideous thing was.

Anastasia was holding it.

"Mom, it's fuzz." she explained calmly.

Oh, the embarrassment.

Plus, now I've given Catherine yet another thing to be scared of. When her Dad came home later, he had a piece of dog hair on his shirt.

"The fuzz!!! The fuzz is going to get you Daddy!!!!" Catherine cried, throwing a spoon at the offensive creature, missing her target and hitting her dad in the nose.

I think I may switch to bubble baths.

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  1. you're goofy! I love it :)

    Ya ever thought of getting that laser thing done?? I'd love to. But #1, I'm broke....and #2 I have terribly dry eyes and can't anyway.


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