"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, April 1, 2011

Extra Crunchy News!

Zippity Do Da and Scooby Dooby Do!!!! Our dossier has been submitted to Nastya's and Moira's country!!!! This is a huge deal. Not only does it mean that all of our paperwork is in order, but it also means that Nastya and Moira are alive (sorry to say this is not always the case) and that they are legally free for adoption. This also means that if nothing goes wrong (see, I am always the worrier!) that we will be traveling in 5-6 weeks!

Everyone was excited!

If anyone who has traveled long distances has any advice, please tell me! I am a pathetic traveler. The first thing I do on the plane is gather up all the barf bags. I always need quite a few. I can never sleep on the plane because I am listening for every noise the plane is making so I can be ready when the engine falls off. Ready for what, I don't know, but ready. Plus, my ears pop like firecrackers. I get sick from any food that isn't oatmeal. My husband, on the other hand, falls asleep before we even board the airplane and gulps down everything with enthusiasm. He is so annoying!!!!

Tomorrow I promise to post the winners of the raffle! I can never thank you all enough for your support and kind words!!!


  1. Yeah!!! Yup, it's a huge deal!! Happy Nesting, Mama :-)

  2. Congratulations!! I don't care for peanut butter all that much, but I'm anxious for the day when we can announce our own similar "crunchy good news"! :-)

  3. My advice? By those motion sickness bands! They should prevent your need for bar bags. Also chew gum.

  4. ya know, that peanut butter is like GOLD over there...take some....use it where ya can....it helps with the 'connections' haa haaaaaaa

    (I took 13 of them....no kidding)

  5. How exciting! As far as the nausea, maybe you can ask a doc for phenergan, or request Zofran, if you don't want to be drowsy. It is more expensive than phenergan though. And chew gum for your ears.

    Good luck!

  6. I wouldn't take that particular jar of PB, however!

    Did you eat that after he licked it.....?


  7. WooHoo!!!! What wonderful news!

  8. congrats!! love the picture of the dog :) :)
    Get ear plugs and a mask - that really helped me on the flights, along with my ipod full of music and a tylenol pm :)
    I packed the snack pnut butters and it was great!

  9. They make special earplugs to wear in-flight to keep all the ear-popping discomfort away. And try to pack light. It's hard, but you really don't want to lug a bunch of huge suitcases around EE!

  10. I am so happy for you! We have to wait until April 14 because there were other families waiting before us, but that is okay! Learning patience :) I can't wait to hear about your travel date.


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