"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, February 12, 2011

One Very Small Word

3 letters can change your life.When I first received the draft of our homestudy the other day, our social worker had only approved us for one child. I was devastated. I talked to our social worker, who said, "You should just choose one". How could I ever choose? I'm sure it seems strange that I could be so devoted to children that I have never met.
She said, "It's going to be too hard with two special needs children".
I told her I know it will be difficult, but I wasn't here to have an easy life, but a life that was going to make a difference.
She said she would think about it. I prayed and prayed. The girls prayed with me (I'm thinking maybe God listens to children more, after all they are much more saintly than me!)

Today, I picked up the homestudy. Only one word was changed.
We are approved for two!!! Many lives will change because of that one little word.


  1. TWO!!!!!!!

    Tears and jumping and TWO!!!!!

    YEAH for TWO, YEAH for YOU!!

    Love finds a way(for two),

  2. Thank you all!!!! Your support means so much!

  3. Congratulations, this is wonderful news! I found your blog through adoptkidswithapertsyndrome.blogspot.com. My name is Jodi and we are adopting "Kody", who also has Apert syndrome, and I have always loved sweet Nastya (and of course Moira is gorgeous too!) Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself and let you know I'm reading. Do you have any previous experience with your girls' special needs? The first I had ever heard of Apert was when I first read our little guy's description, but I've read every single thing I can find to read about it since then. Anyway, nice to meet you! I'm blogging our adoption at www.theyoungpages.com/jodis_blog/ if you'd like to follow :)


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