"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Good Times

So far, things are going pretty darn well this week. My husband left for Dallas at 4 am on Tuesday (I didn't even have to worry about setting the alarm because Victoria woke me up at 3:00, gee, thanks baby!) 

We have had all kinds of fun stuff going on that I keep forgetting to post about. Anastasia got her first salon hair-cut (normally, I am the designated chopper). I think she looks waaaayyy too old! Most of the pink is out now, so we are thinking of going for purple next. Or do you think turquoise would be cuter?


Victoria is sort of sleeping more.. I actually think the spica cast has been beneficial to her in several ways. She seems to be bonding to me much more, considering I am the only one here to lift her up. I also think that not being able to move is forcing her to attempt more sounds. She is a girl who likes to learn things and since she can't figure out how to move around in the cast, she will amuse herself (when the mood strikes her) with trying to copy my sounds. I even got the "hhhhhh" sound out of her today when she wanted my keys. Today she did a really amazing thing; she called me "mom". I went to hoist her out of the crib (the kid weighs a ton!) and she looked right at me and said, "mom". I was thrilled. Of course, all day long I kept trying to get her to say it again, but still, pretty exciting!

Catherine's new favorite things is to have a tea party when her sisters are at school. She wanted me to tell you all their names, so we have Amy, the American girl doll that had her hair personally styled (cut to pieces on one side) by Catherine. Then there is Olivia, Snow White, Baby Jena (her first and favorite) and tiny Matilda.

Catherine also had a gymnastics show. We had some major drama before the show, but once she got out there, she did great.

There are not many activities that all my kids enjoy doing together, but making a mess it one they can all agree upon. 

Even Francesca is starting to enjoy water a little bit more, on her terms. Just don't touch her hair unless you are wearing ear plugs.

All the detangler stray is paying off! Victoria's hair is finally long enough for pigtails. She was non-plused.

Catherine enjoys her daily conversations with her cat, Tchaikovsky.

Victoria has taken up the saxophone.

Grandpa came to visit today all the way from South Carolina. He took us to a pizza place and then I got to go to the grocery store alone! Oh, the thrill!!!

Tomorrow is Francesca's surgery, so please say a prayer for her. She had problems breathing after her last surgery and had to go to the ICU. I really think the problem is that she is such a screamer. She screamed so much, that she just couldn't catch her breath, so they had to put her on oxygen. She is kind of an angry post-anesthesia kid. I am hoping they can give her something to help her with the anxiety. 

Here's hoping I hear another "mom" tomorrow! 


  1. Oh the thrill of grocery shopping by yourself!! I had a stomach ick last Sunday and the boys walked to church up street. In between bouts I just made it to the store and back but it was so worth it!

  2. I will be praying for that beautiful little girl of yours and sending positive healing vibes her way!

  3. Prayers for Francesca. . . I love the pigtails picture of Miss Victoria!

  4. oh, i hope you hear another mom too! How thrilling!!! I'll keep francesca in my thoughts tomorrow!

  5. You know, I think that what Victoria is playing is a snarfblatt...like in the Little Mermaid...New talents just come out all the time!


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