"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Casts of Kids

My husband and Francesca got home last night. Poor Francesca is just pitiful. As soon as she saw me she started bawling. My husband said she hadn't cried at all. I think she was just holding it together until was with her mommy! 

Poor babies are having a tough time. Can I still call them babies for a while longer? 

We did have a bright spot in our day. Sandra sent the kids a whole box of treats! Thank you so much! The kids were so excited! We all had so much fun with everything. 

My sweet girls have been such a big help! 

Francesca is definitely not happy that she can't run around, picking everything up and moving things around. My husband said that in the hotel, before surgery, he suddenly started feeling really hot. Francesca had turned on the heater! So while he fixed that, she got into the suitcase and took everything out. She looks quite patriotic in her casts, doesn't she! 

A hug from Catherine always makes Francesca smile! 

I will be glad to get news casts for Victoria next week. Her casts are getting pretty yucky. We have started calling Victoria "otter" because the only way I can get her to eat is like this! 

Honestly, I am kind of dreading next week. I know Victoria is going to want me to hold her a lot after surgery and Francesca will need lots of cuddles. And you know Catherine, she always wants to be held. I guess I can just forget about the doing the dishes and we can all just sit on the couch and have a hugging party. The hardest part is when everyone wants or needs something at the same time. I try to figure out who needs the most urgent attention and go from there, but sometimes I end up running around in circles, literally!  If anyone has any ideas, please, share! 


  1. Bless you AND them, you have so much on your hands, and they are so lucky to have you as such a great mom!

  2. Sweet girls! Your blog is one I check pretty consistently. Loved them when I saw them on RR and they continue to steal our hearts! Prayers sent to you all!

  3. Oh it is so hard when they all need you at the same time. We used to have a double rocking chair big enough for mom, dad and 3 little ones.... It ROCKED! :)

    You are doing awesome! SO happy that those little ones have such awesome parents who know that hug time is so important. :)

    Oh those casts can get STINKY and YUCKY! Glad she is getting a change! Will there be more surgery too?

  4. Paper plates. Plastic utensils. And a basket near where you cuddle with the Mommy essentials - tissues, wipes, tv/stereo remotes, a book for them, a book for you if/when they fall asleep, telephone. . . "Quiet down cobwebs, dust go to sleep, I'm rocking my babies and babies don't keep."

  5. Set up a bed on the living room floor somehow -- air mattress, blankets piled, heck even put the king/queen from your room in the living room for the week. Basket as suggested above, add diapers, etc. Camp out in front of the tv.
    Deli tray, veggie tray, and fruit tray in the fridge -- grab a bite as you walk by. Lots of semi-healthy, non-perishable snacks for the kids that can be kept near the bed.... w/in limits of whatever dietary restrictions they have and whatever they're able to eat.
    Magazines, books, coloring books for when they get tired of tv. Flashlights/glow sticks - set up a "tent" if they give you a few minutes so it'll be dark enough, during the day.
    Melatonin to make sure they do sleep when it's time.

  6. I don't really have any suggestions (other than forget the housework and get in all the cuddles you can), but I love the suggestions everyone else has. I just wanted to say I'm glad everyone's doing all right, and I'll continue to pray for fast and easy recoveries!

  7. Great suggestions above! Really wish I lived near you and could come lend a hand around the house for you.
    You are a wonderful mom! I enjoy reading all your posts about your amazing family. Praying for ya'll!

  8. Poor Francesca! Can't wait to see those fingers, though. Praying you get peacefully through this time of casts. Just take things slow...watch lots of videos or something...

  9. Paper plates and cups.

    You are awesome.

  10. Poor girls. I can't imagine that many casts!

    Just like others have said...paper plates. Make it easy.

  11. Sweet babies, I hope the cast time passes quickly for you all! Your family is in my prayers. I imagine too that it's hard for them to understand WHY they are in casts, why they can't move around as they normally do, why they need to go to the hospital etc. You are doing an awesome job!


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