"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Do's

Sorry I haven't written this week. I actually got a few e-mails asking me why I wasn't writing on the blog! This just thrilled me to pieces to know you guys might have missed me! I had planned on writing a well written, insightful post, but, given the circumstances, this will just have to do .

Victoria is having a very tough week. She is sick and tired of being in the casts. In the day, nothing will amuse her. She doesn't want to eat. She doesn't want to nap. She doesn't want to work on making sounds at all. I was hopeful that being in casts would make her a little more motivated to speak, but it's not happening. I try not to obsess about it, but you know me, I am a worrier. 

I think her right hand is really hurting her because she still won't use it. She is not sleeping at all! Every night, I put her to bed and she cries, so I put her in my bed. She insists that I lay next to her and that my left hand must cradle her face. Then, she wraps both arms around my arm. I can not move from this position or she cries. Even if I don't move, she cries. I try flipping her on her tummy, but that makes her mad. I try to give her a bottle (yes, speech therapist, she still gets a bottle!), but she doesn't want it. 

All night long this goes on. So I am falling asleep at the kitchen table most days. Only three more weeks to go! We will be getting the casts off on June 4th. 

There is one thing that cheers her up. Her new love, Nutella. 

My older kids seem to be going through a phase too. The making a big mess and don't clean it up, talking-back,  and arguing with each other over really important things like who gets the favorite spoon stage. So, I am implementing the "three strikes and you are out!" phase. Don't mess with me when I am sleep and chocolate deprived.

Francesca, the little stinker, popped the knees out of her casts, even with the duct tape on it. She can stand up now, which she is very proud of. 10 more days until her casts come off. I would be excited, but the dressing changes are just so much fun! 

Ok, enough whining! Sorry! There have been good things this week. Catherine has started reading! 

Anastasia is her biggest supporter! Anything to postpone bedtime!

Since the summer is coming, we decided to give the dogs a little buzz-cut, so they can match Elliot's lack of hair! Carol brought her super-duper shaver.

He doesn't look embarrassed at all! Poor guy.

Alvin finds him quite amusing! 

"WHAT?  I'm next?"

Happy Weekend everyone! Oh wait, drat, it's not even Friday yet. 


  1. I just love the way you make my life feel so low key! Thanks! Your post reminds me of the only quote by Rosanne Barr that I liked, "Now I understand why some animals eat their young."

    I hope that little Victoria is feeling better soon. And I equally hope that you are able to sleep. Someday. :-)

  2. So glad to see you post! I've missed hearing about your houshold. :)
    Praying Victoria starts to feel better as she is healing, and that you get some sleep!

  3. I LOVE THE DOG!!!! I swear, you are my LONG LOST TWIN! I do the same thing to my dogs ....and cats....and kids.... I've shaved them so they just have the ring around the neck and a bushy tail...like a lion :) :)
    Rich banned me from the buzzers LONG ago...but when he's at work I still get that 'wild hair' to shave the animals!

    I need a new buzzer....my old one won't go through my collie's hair!!!

    The family looks great by the way.... I don't know HOW you do it <3

  4. Love the Happy Nutella face.... and Francesca all proud of herself for walking.... and Catherine READING! YEA!
    We had some irritation going on over here the other day and I told our youngest, "Don't act like that anymore or "IT" could JUST HAPPEN!
    She said, "What is IT?" puzzled
    (her sisters were all snickering)

    I told her, you DON'T want to know! I promise you!..... :)
    And she said, but WHAT IS IT???

    "Just know, IT is NOT good!"
    and then she suddenly became Mother Teresa for the rest of the day....
    (hmmmm. I wonder what IT is too!) LOL

  5. You are a super mom Catherine! I'm praying for little Victoria and for you to get some sleep!

  6. Okay, how about a little Benedryl before bed for our little insomniac? Or Melatonin? Just to get her into the sleepy time at dark time mode? She is probably really anxious right now after the casts and trips etc and not sleeping isn't helping. So help her relax. Not because you are about to fall over, not because you are hallucinating about soft pillows and quiet rooms oh no, it's all about Victoria. :)

  7. I second the melatonin. It helped our daughter when she was too anxious to fall asleep. I crushed up the pill and put it in one spoonful of yogurt or oatmeal. I'll pray for sleep for both of you.

  8. Crossing out days till the casts come off, sister! So glad to see you posting again, i missed my daily dose of your kids...

  9. When I was a kid, my siblings and I would argue over stupid things like the favorite fork, the favorite mug, etc. My mom started a rotating system.

    Each week, one child was "First," one was "Second" and one was "Third." Whoever was "First" got to choose the entire week their fork, mug, seat in the car and chore. "Second" got second choice. And "Third" got leftovers.

    The next week the person who had first choice was now last choice. The person who had second choice was now first choice. Third moved up to second.

    It was an awesome system. We loved having a whole week where we got first dibs on everything. When we were last, we knew we just had to be patient, and our turn to be first would come again.

    Glad to see your post again!

  10. I third the melatonin and also suggest some more pain meds for Victoria...there are two schools of thought on pediatric pain and I am of the keep the kid comfortable one. Those casts are stretching muscles and ligaments while simultaneously never letting motion relieve discomfort. Some kids just shut down when they hurt.....

    hugs to you all!

  11. I admit it. I am a lurker. I didn't even "come out of hiding" when you asked the lurkers to. I just wanted to let you know that I missed your blog and all of your kids' sweet faces. You're my favorite. :)


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