"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Reminder to Remember

At random times throughout my day, I find myself counting seven hours forward, transporting myself right back to the orphanage.

I am walking down the worn path.

Climbing the red steps with the shiny green railings, past the photos of the the cute children hanging crooked on the wall.

I can hear the crying pouring from the windows; I can smell the boiled potatoes. I imagine myself doing more for those children that I saw everyday, being more bold, more brave. Daring to pick them all up, bring them food, kiss their cheeks, open the gates and run with them all, far, far away.

This is Victoria's room. It doesn't look so bad, except when you consider there was no love here.

Honestly, I trudged through the gates everyday, feeling like I was carrying a load of bricks on my back. Most days, I wanted to run from what I saw, powerless to stop it. My mind became numb. I checked my watch to see when I could get out of there. More than once did I wonder if one child, or if anyone, even mattered if no one even knew about them.

But, I knew them and I cared. Maybe in some small way, if I always remember them, it will matter a little to them? Maybe if I don't give up trying to change things, someday everyone will know them?

My friend, Carla, is adopting a sweet boy named Henry with arthrogryposis, just like Victoria has. They are traveling soon and really need help!


By the way, some important news! I took the girls to the doctor today and Francesca and has gained seven pounds since she has been with me!!! And, are you ready for this? Victoria has gained three pounds!! Whoo-hooo!!!


  1. Oh those pictures and memories are exactly the same as mine!! "Maybe if I don't give up trying to change things, someday everyone will know them?"
    We sure will do our best huh?!?

  2. You took me back, you did. I, for one, will not give up. And your girls look amazing!!

  3. Hello!! My name is Summer and we are the BLESSED family adopting Gavin (Michael). Is he in one of the pictures you posted above? I LOVE the pictures of you holding him - it just warms my heart that he felt a Mother's Love!!!!

    Your girls look so GOOD!!!! And I am so HAPPY to hear about their weight gain - YAY!!!! Thank GOD!!!!


  4. oh its just so tragic! i am a mummy to my own angel with special needs and me and a friend are hopefully coming up with lttle steps to help those left behind! (more details to come!)i also run an awareness friday called forget me not friday please join in it would be lovely to have you and all your friends on board for these angels xxxx find me at textgeorge.blogspot.com over at flight platform living much love to an awesome mummy from janexxxxx

  5. oh by the way your new blog pic is amazing! xx

  6. First can I say, I LOVE the picture at the top of your blog!

    Your baby Victoria has put a lot into perspective for me. I can't look at her and realize there are so many out there like her, and just do nothing! I'm not quite old to adopt yet, but I am going to try my hardest to help out as many kids as I can until then! You honestly have inspired me in so many ways...thank you!

  7. YEAH!! Fat babies are GOOD!! I've been praying for you guys and am glad that Victoria is doing better. You will NEVER forget and that is GOOD!

  8. OK.. 8th photo down... 4th from the right. I think I'm in love. What a cutie.
    Actually they're all adorable in their own way. Is this a special needs ward Catherine? I wish more parents would give Special needs children a 2nd look. More often then not the children are a true blessing to the families fortunate enough to recognize their potential in the right environment.
    I still find myself counting to Tbilisi time. And mentally retracing my steps. I too wish I was able to do more. Bring more supplies, do more exploring... make more in country friends. More.. more ... more. More is never enough when your heart has so much to give. ;o)

  9. Which of these little guys and gals are listed on RR? I would LOVE to advocate for them!!!


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