"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Meet Indulgent Mom

I blame it on a complete lack of sleep, or maybe my brain just needs more "Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls" to function, but lately, anything goes at my house...

"You say you wanna look like a purple cat, sure, no problem."

"You guys are designing a mountain out of flour? Super, I'm sure you won't make a mess."

"Fruit Loops and cookies for dinner are a great idea!"

"No clothes, no problem."

"Hey, let's go swimming, all of us! It won't be that hard to get everyone ready" (I'm smacking myself in the head even as I write this).

I packed lighter when I went to Ukraine than for a walk down the block to the pool.

This is my wonderful friend, Carol. She was the first person to get Victoria to smile.

Without her I probably be more nutty than I am. She does amazing things like run to Target to buy some special tape to keep Victoria's NG tube from falling out. She's offered to scoop my cat's litter boxes and she meant it! She gave my 70 pound kid a piggy back ride! She is one of a kind.

Victoria and Francesca would not even be here if it wasn't for my mom. The truth is, I just couldn't raise enough money. In the end, my mom came through for us, just like she always has! I love you Mom!


  1. LOL... Looks like you're all having fun. Carol is a good friend hang on to her. Your mom is a wonderful grandma. How wonderful to have someone like her watching over you all.
    I hope that wasn't a sharpie Catherine used. lol. Adorable. ;o)

  2. You have some amazing friends! And God bless your mom. :)

  3. You most definitely have a loving and generous mom, with a soft spot for orphans :) Your girls are so incredibly fortunate to have lots of family and friends around that love them to pieces!

  4. Enjoying your humor and sometimes think I need to take everything more like you do!!! Thanks for the updates.

    Stephanie Lynch

  5. Francesca's smile is so contagious! And Victoria is so precious.
    But of course ALL of your kiddos are such cuties! They're all lucky to have you as their mama.

  6. Francesca has the most beautiful hair!!!!!
    I had to laugh at the purple marker.... btdt.

    So glad you are all settling in. Can't wait to see that feeding tube removed! :)

  7. Oh my!! True life stories...I love it! :D

    Chin up!

    Elk Grove, CA

  8. laughing and crying here. And Carol! She is a gem. offering to scoop the cat litter is HUGE!! hang on to her!

    and you ambition/craziness is making me feel like being a better mom today!

  9. Thanks MOM for saving the day! I love it when the kids ask cereal for dinner :o)

  10. The part about your mom brought tears to my eyes. So glad your girls are home!

    Brooke Annessa

  11. The comment about your mom brought tears to my eyes - moms are awesome like that (and you are no exception)!

  12. Congratulations on your beautiful family! We have six kids and sometimes they end up having lollipops for breakfast LOL
    Don't sweat the small stuff : )

    Kelly in Colorado

  13. Oh I just love seeing pictures of your girls! They are just breathtaking! And hey, who says a little nuttiness is never in order!?! How is your little peanut doing anyway with weight gain and her tummy feeling better?

  14. love the pics!!! I SO wish we lived closer :( I would love to hug and love on all your kiddos :)
    hope everything settles down soon :)

  15. God Bless your mom...what a wonderful grandma! Your children are beautiful!

  16. Your posts are just too funny. I'm glad you're able to find the humor in things even when you're exhausted and dealing with so much. I'm sure all your kiddos appreciate it too.
    Praying for you!


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