"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Settling In

We are having a very interesting time trying to figure out the food here. Everything is in tiny servings.

Here is spagetti sauce.

The biggest box of laundry detergent we could find!

Ice cream comes in a tube.

The washing machine is under the stove. We can only wash two pairs of pants at a time.

I feel so sad for some of the dogs here.

I am amazed at the young children who walk around the city all by themselves, crossing the streets alone. I wish my children could do that!

When we were on the bus going to the orphanage today, someone spoke English to us! I almost hugged the man, I was so excited. He asked us where we were from and when we told him, his eyes opened wide with amazement!! He acted like we were celebrities. He said no one from the US ever comes here. He told the whole bus about us. I asked him if we blended in and he laughed.
"No", he said, "you do not blend in. You smile too much."

Nastya can do an amazing amount of things. She can stack blocks.

She crawls!

She stands!

She likes to throw the ball under the desk. Then, she smiles up at Travis and waits for him to get it!

Moira is amazing too. With only one finger on each hand working, she can grab my glasses off my face in a flash. She can drag herself on her arms a little.

They said she couldn't sit by herself, but look at her!

She grinds her teeth continuously. She bangs toys on her head. I showed her how to bang two toys together and then look......

If I lay her on the floor, she covers her eyes with her arms and lies motionless. It breaks my heart.

It is so hard to take them back to their rooms each day.


  1. So, just scowl and you'll fit right in !!! heehee.

    Love the pictures of the girls they are precious...and love the other pics as well...wish I was there.

    Thinking of you both!

  2. Awww!!!! They're sooo cute! I can't wait to see what splinting Moria's hands open will do for her function!

  3. LOL about the bus passenger! Too funny!! You seem to be doing pretty well with shopping too. hehe Catherine, your girls are so beautiful. I can't help but think of "our" other RR miracles when I see Moira... imagine how she will just blossom once she is home getting all of that love and attention from her Momma & Papa & siblings!! Love you & am praying for you & Travis!!

  4. They are beautiful girls! Moira's eyes are so beautiful but they look so sad, I can't wait to see them shining! I know they will because she's gonna be so loved! Praying for you

  5. Your little girls are precious. I love the picture where you are holding Moira tight in your arms. She looks like she's been waiting for that for a long time.

  6. In no time flat, Moira will be a new girl. I know it! It may take a little adjustment and learning to be loved, but I justcant wait to see the "new girl" she develops into!
    I bet that even before you leave her country, you won't believe the changes you are going to see!!!

  7. Gorgeous girls!! Loved the last two posts!! Nastya can do waaay more than Sosie, and it sounds like she is so thrilled to interact with you!!! I am so proud of Moira sitting up!! And, don't worry about the sizes. Victor has not grown one inch or gained one pound since being home for 6 months! He's almost 6 in a 3T, and Sosie is 15 months in 3-6 month clothes. Our pediatrician (who adopted 3 kids from Russia) said their growth is just so stunted from the heavy metals in the well water (that's why you ALWAYS buy bottled water!!), special needs, lack of vitamins, etc.

    I can't wait to see more!!! I CRIED when we landed in the US, so I know how you feel about crying when you saw the Oreos!! 6 weeks without anything familiar was so hard on us, especially being overwhelmed first time parents.

    Sending you love and strength!!!
    Kari :)

  8. Your girls are beautiful! Can't wait until you have them home. I couldn't help but laugh reading about the man on the bus and couldn't help but smile seeing her sitting up by herself. Sending you hugs & prayers

  9. Yes Yes...The possibilities are endlesss....Email us, we are praying for you....mel_cordell@hotmail.com

  10. each day will get better as they open up to you and your love!! It also gets harder and harder to hand them back :(

  11. I love your photos! The food is fun to figure out, huh? And your little girls are PERFECT! So happy to see them in your loving arms.

  12. praying for you, praying for Moira....

  13. Prayers going up for your family. Honestly, it breaks my heart what happens to the children. Being alone day in and day out your entire life...... and then having attention must be terrifying. It may take a long time for her... but with your love and the grace of God you will get there. :) Our sweeties were in such situations....and they are thriving.


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