"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, May 9, 2011

No Steering in a High Risk Zone

I am having a really hard time coming to terms with all the unexpected experiences that we are about to face. There are changes going on with adoptions in Eastern Europe that no one, especially me, have any control over. Chances are very good that our court date may be set much later than two weeks, which will mean another trip for both of us. Then there's always the chance that the judge will not approve us. It's highly possible that Nastya and Moira will be quite different from what we envision, which isn't necessarily bad, but all the uncertainty of so many things is overwhelming me.

During this journey, I have said one prayer over and over:

"God, please let me be strong enough to follow your will."

I wish my faith was much stronger!!

Ok, so enough whining, on to the pictures. I think the dress looked better on me in the store, or maybe even on the hanger. Do my hips look big? Well, I forgot to take my shorts off for the picture, so that's probably why, yeah, that's the reason!!!

I got this dress for court. Perhaps I should get a watch that isn't purple with flowers on it.

My husband doesn't like these shoes, but I do! Othello, my dog, had to get in on the picture.

Catherine showing off her dress too. She got so dizzy she fell over.

If you are a man, stop reading now! Undergarments will be shown!

I only bought one more thing - a tablecloth. So what if it has Easter eggs on it, it's washable!


  1. First of all, STOP WORRYING! Easier said than done, I know. But it really will all work out. Just ENJOY this time and the time in country....it's something you'll look back on and treasure, so be sure to take it all in and lock it away in your heart :)

    Second, the dress (and undergarment) are beautiful!!! You will look wonderful. And the shoes are awesome! If they had 7 inch heels on them they'd be perfect for where you're going :) :)

    I envy you so much....but I know what you mean about all the uncertainties...but it's like a beautiful, interesting, unique book that just unfolds as you read.....and no matter what may happen, and what surprises may come, it WILL be something you treasure. Trust me.

    I can't believe you're leaving so soon!!! yay!!!

  2. By the way...my older daughters say I'm the only one they know that say's 'undergarments' ha haaaa...now I know there's atleast one other person out there that does!

  3. What beautiful models! Yes all of you! Love the dress and unmentionables ;o)


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