"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Chosen Ones

I know everyone wants pictures, but bear with me for a minute.

I'm sorry I didn't write yesterday. I had every intention of posting, but the day was so emotional and overwhelming. Ater seeing the girls, Travis and I needed time to process things. I thought we were prepared. After all, we have adopted twice before, and we have adopted special needs children. I think the reality really hit me yesterday that we are across the ocean from our family. We felt alone and scared. All the changes were tough for us. I saw a bag of OREOS at the store and I clutched them and almost cried. I was just so glad to see something I recognized. No one speaks English here like they did in the "big city" where we had our SDA appointment. I was tired of "squatty potties". I was having major doubts that we were even doing the right thing. I felt like jumping on a plane and coming home. I didn't feel like I was strong enough to continue on this journey. I didn't want to accept the unexpected. I cried. I prayed and prayed.

I prayed for guidance that we would make the right decision.

When we first got to the orphanage, we met with the director and someone told us about Nastya's background. They finally brought Nastya in. She was dressed all fancy. She gave us a little wave and my heart melted. She cried at first when she saw Travis and snuggled into me. So far, things were going just as I thought they would.

Then, they brought in Moira. My heart stopped.

She was so incredibly tiny. She is the size of a six month old and she is 21 months. She looked so frail. She wouldn't look at us or even look around at anything.

The director said that Nastya and Moira had been in the same room when they were little, but Moira did not progress, so she was put in another room so she could lay down, because of her arthrogyposis. They said Moira did not like to eat. They said she had no will to live, no interest in anything. I'm not even sure what else was going on because I was so shocked.

God answered my prayers today.

When I woke up, I couldn't wait to get to the orphanage to see the girls. I knew then that I had my answer. I felt a peace surround me. All my fear was gone.

So, now to the pictures.....

The orphanage...

Our apartment

God always knows what he is doing. We are not alone.


  1. Oh Catherine - Rob and I are sitting here and weeping. That is all I am going to say.

  2. Oh, Catherine, they are so precious!! She will have the will to live, now that she is being rescued. So happy for you. Thanks for updating!

  3. They are both precious! So happy for you!

  4. Thanks for being real about the wrestling! I am so glad you had already purposed in your heart to follow God "wherever and whatever" and that he was quick to hold you up and strengthen you. Your girls are precious!!!!! I know they will thrive in your family!

  5. Oh they are so beautiful! I'm so glad you're there and the girls will get to have the love they so clearly need. Hope you can get them home quickly. I'm so excited to watch your journey!

  6. They are gorgeous girls, you lucky mama!!! I wish I could just reach through my monitor and hold them and hug them!
    Do you have an estimate of what sizes they both wear?
    You are right, you are not alone! God promises that he is ALWAYS with you, and he is has always been with your girls, too!
    And, I am with you in spirit, and thinking of you and praying for you every day!!
    Much love, strength, and peace being sent to you and your husband from my family and I!!!

  7. P.S.--I am TOTALLY jealous!! :D

  8. I´m praying so much for you that they both will not only survive, but will live a life full of GOD and laughter and love.
    Kind Regards

  9. Catherine, God is faithful. He knows the place you are in, and He knows your heart, and your girls. He will continue to be faithful as you get to know them, and your love grows. Look at the other kiddos who have come home so tiny... :) Prayers for you and Travis, and your sweet girls!! Enjoy your time there with them, make it an adventure! Get to know them and their country so you can tell them all about it someday. Love you!!!

  10. They are beautiful!!!!!! Congrats!!!! Please know that I've been praying for you and Travis, for the girls, and for your littles back at home. I will continue to pray:)
    You are right- you are not alone and so many have been there before you. You and Travis are being carried by God, just rest in his hands.
    Keep on keepin' on!!!

  11. I will pray that the Lord will bless your journey as you rescue two precious, beautiful girls.

  12. They are both so beautiful!

    I can feel your struggle. I am sensing your peace now. Trust in the Lord always...He is sufficient for all of your needs.

    Praying for BOTH of you and for the girls.

    Travis, sometimes this feels like a woman's world, I suspect. Blessings on you in this journey. May God bless your heart, as I'm sure He is already doing, and I pray your journey be filled with PEACE and LOVE and JOY!

    How many times does scripture tell us "do not be afraid?" Search for peace and rest in it. That is where you are safe.


  13. NOW she has a reason to eat, to grow, to live....

    Thanks for sharing and helping me prepare for what I might find in a few short months...

    Will keep praying for you!!


  14. Oh Catherine they are absolutely gorgeous!!!! You are giving them a will to live! So amazing!
    We are praying the Lord will continue to give you strength and peace. For He Himself has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” Heb. 13:5

  15. Thinking of you! They are indeed such little sweeties :)

    Try to enjoy it there....You know, I must be the really odd duck here, because more often than not people say what you said..they want things to be familiar, but I loved that they were unfamiliar!! I thought it was so cool to be living in another world. I could have stayed there no problem!

    Trust what your heart tells you...

    (Hi Travis! you sure looked sweet cuddling with Nastya) :) :)

  16. They are gorgeous. I'm praying for you and your journey. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  17. Such sad, empty eyes. It is so heartbreaking. I I remember the wrestling very well and I also remember how tiny my little guy was when they brought him in. May God bless you as you continue to move forward. Be gentle and remember that you are strangers to them and they are terrified. They will warm up gradually and you will be a blessing to each other for the rest of your lives! Congrats on finding your babies!!! And oh yah, I cried when I found snicker bars at the grocery store, too. They were my son's first taste of chocolate.

  18. Oh my gosh, they are precious! I'm so glad you are feeling more at peace. I had a rough time too when we got to our region. Our first few days there were rough on me, but we got over the hump.
    The girls are both just beautiful.

  19. After getting your email yesterday I prayed and I am SOO relieved to read you have peace! If you need anything else, you have my email!

  20. Beautiful girls! So happy for you and thankful that the Lord gave you His peace!

  21. What sweet girls, they are beautiful, I'm so happy that they have a chance. Good luck to you guys in your travels, I know it must be hard but it is so worth it!

  22. mel_cordell@hotmail.com We just got your comment and we would love to talk. After our first meeting, we went home and also questioned everything we were doing. It is amazing what a little love and attention can do for a child.

  23. hugs! that is all I will say :)

  24. Catherine, my mom and I think that your husband is about the NICEST looking guy ever!!! Sitting there cuddling those two girls....man, you are blessed with a GOOD hubby :) :)

    (and cute too! He looks like my Rich) ;)

  25. They are precious. I am sure Moira will like food better once she gets lots of love from a family.


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