"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Big Burrito

My son, Elliot, and I have aspired to accomplish something for a long time.  A goal we didn't think we could ever achieve. It was just too scary to attempt. 
We knew we couldn't avoid it forever. It was mocking us. 

We decided that Friday was the day. We were going to be brave. Yes, we (meaning Elliot, I'm sure not eating a pound of beans) were ready to conquer our fears. El Gigante was going down. Literally.

We had no idea what we were up against. The thing was enormous. It could have fed our entire family, including the dogs. We couldn't even find it at first under all the lettuce. 

Our favorite waiter, Juan, wished us good luck. Elliot was quite confident at first.

Then, reality set in. After about 20 bites, he hadn't even made a dent in El Gigante. (See my tiny, little burrito next to his).

Now, he was at the delusional stage. Sure, this is easy peasy. 

Panic quickly set in. He thought about hiding some of El Gigante under the table.

But no, he wasn't going to cheat and he wasn't going to give up, even if we had to stay there all night. 

I was pretty much laughing hysterically at this point. 

Ta-da!!!! He did it!!! El Gigante has been devoured (just a tiny bit might have been hidden under the lettuce)

How proud I am of my son for eating a giant burrito. A mother's dream come true. 

Don't you all think he will be the coolest one at school wearing his new shirt? Oh yea!!! You rock Elliot!!! Thank you for making me laugh harder than I have laughed in a long time! What a good sport.


  1. That is hysterical! Teenage boys are the best. Our son Nate (who just turned 18 in November) was determined to eat a 1 lb hamburger at Fuddrucker's. He managed to choke it down. No awesome T-shirt though. He did say he didn't feel the need to ever eat that much meat again. Tell Elliott, congratulations! Annette

  2. This immediately made my husband ask where you live so he can go get a t-shirt too. Too funny.

  3. That's awesome! Two of my sons have wanted to attempt something similar w/ this giant burger. I really think one of them could actually do it. You have 30 minutes to devour the thing. Now you've made me want to have them attempt it. If nothing else, for laughter. Congrats to Elliot! I sure couldn't have done that. Looks like fun.

  4. And I bet he didn't gain an ounce either!


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