"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ho, Ho, Ho

Aren't I brave, going to the mall to see Santa with all the girls? We attempted color coordination, but we sort of failed. We arrived promptly at 11 am, which is when the big guy was scheduled to arrive. Of course, I didn't actually know this, (that would have required planning),  but that's what all the other people waiting in the line told me.  We were just lucky. Or so we thought. Santa was extremely inconsiderate and arrived an hour late. 

Not to worry though, my children kept everyone entertained. 

I bet those well behaved kids were so jealous. 

Nothing says Santa like palm trees. 

The mother in front of us had come well prepared with a diaper bag full of snacks, books, toys and an ipad. My kids played with the pillars. 

Everyone was in pretty good spirits. 

Waiting patiently. 

Looking adorable. 

But there's a grump in every crowd. 

This book was magical.  The kids could touch the pages and it would play the same song over and over. And over. I was magically made insane by hearing "Jingle Bells" over 5,000 times.

Finally!!! Our turn has arrived and it's only been two hours! Francesca has only broken one ornament off the giant Christmas tree. I am smiling because I am about to give Mr. Claus a piece of my mind for showing up so late.  Then, they told me I could not use my own camera. I was required to pay $30 for one picture. 

Ha! Take that, my bearded friend. A picture all my own and it didn't cost $30! Of course, no one wanted to sit on Santa's lap. He tried to lasso Victoria, but she struggled to get away. Francesca was frozen with fear. Good times. However, Santa did redeem himself by giving all the kids free tickets to the carousel inside in the mall. 

Victoria thought the merry-go-round was really fun until her horse started moving. 

Then, she freaked. She somehow managed to cataplut herself off her horse and into my arms. I had to hang onto her while I kept Francesca from falling off. Francesca seemed to have the crazy idea that she did not need me to hold her. She kept pushing my hand away, even as she slid off her giant horse.

Catherine was protesting pictures by this point. 

My favorite part of the mall experience: the cinnamon pretzel.  

Look at this! Francesca has her own store. 

If my Victoria does have a secret, it better not be about bras and panties. 

I think I have had my fill of excitement for a while. Has anyone else gone to see Santa yet?


  1. you are braver than me lady!! i haven't done it yet lol!

  2. http://cherokeetribune.com/pages/full_story/push?article-Where+to+spot+Santa+in+Cherokee+this+season%20&id=4912987

    Here is a fantastic Santa, complete with a train room, a santa room, a nativity room, a hot cider room, and tons of lights outside on a winding pathway through their yard. He's kind, and patient and usually has a short line (although I think the word is getting out,...). Cant get a pretzel there, but it might be worthwhile overall!!

    Love all the pictures, Francesca looks older with her haircut. Seems like her face is changing into a girls rather than a toddlers.

    Merry Christmas, hope you all have a joyous season!

  3. LOL.... Santa came to TX Scottish Rite Hospital the day after Sarah had surgery. He and Mrs. Claus landed in a helicopter! The elves were huge and there were a LOT of them! Sarah was ushered over to see Santa and I managed to get a picture. :)

  4. It looks like the flowers next to Santa are in big legs like the lamp from the Christmas Story. Tell me it isn't so. Also, I live about 20 miles from the Shriner's Ortho Hospital in SLC. If any of your fellow adoptive mom's ever comes to Utah and needs a place to stay or a ride or a meal send them my way. carol@lindsay.net. I mean that very sincerely, I would love to help someone who has to travel to Shriner's,

  5. 'Love reading about your adventures. The way you write about them is so entertaining. VERY cute pictures :-)
    MariaG (Canada)

  6. I LOVE this...you had me rolling with laughter!

  7. Santa would have to be real before I'd a)brave the mall in DEcember, b)stand in line 2hrs with children, c)pay $30 for a picture. I've never even considered taking the kids - would much rather sit at home and listen to them whine that they are bored! They get a picture in front of our Christmas tree and we call it good. If they want to tell Santa something they can practice their letter writing skills. :)

  8. I just love the idea of you posing the pram in front of Victoria's secret for a photos haha - I would pay to see the faces of all those mother's of 'well behaved' children!

  9. I'm in love with Catherine's outfit. :) You are a brave woman, my friend!

  10. Laughing, crying, and laughing some more with you! What a great fun and exhausting day! Our special needs family support group found a photographer who has "Sensational Santa" photo sessions one family at a time with low stimulation and a sleigh for the kids to sit in with Santa in the back ground so they don't have to sit on his lap. Good for you with making it through and having fun despite it all!

  11. True story. We got thrown out of our mall for taking pictures behind Santa's cottage. I didn't want him in the pic, just my kids and the pretty cottage. Needless to say, my Dad about came to blows with the "mall cop" and we were asked to leave. Santa's cottage was never used again. Now Santa just sits in a dumb chair out in the open so no one can take pictures and not pay.


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