"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, August 3, 2012

Cabbages and Cakes

Yesterday was little Catherine's BIG day! Five years old! I can hardly believe it! We were so excited to find wrapping paper to use this year, even if it was Christmas wrapping. Last year we had to resort to a Kroger bag.

She was bouncing on my bed by seven am.

We have a few birthday traditions. I like to make the whole day a celebration. The birthday person gets to pick whatever they desire for all meals. (I know it is a number one candle, give me a break, I am not a morning person).

Catherine and I had to make a special trip to the store for her lunch request. Cabbage. Yes, cabbage. What five year old doesn't yearn for a cabbage of their own? A dream come true!

For dinner, she wanted salad, so we made a salad bar. The child is very pro vegetable.

Isabella is always in charge of the birthday banner.

Some things are the same no matter what day it is. Catherine changed clothes at least 5 times on her birthday, which is slightly less than average, so she must have been somewhat tired. Grandma got her these fabulous red, sparkly slippers. Thank goodness she did! Catherine had been insisting on wearing a pair of golden shoes for weeks now that are two sizes too small. The things we sacrifice for fashion!

I swear I do not tell her to pose. She slept with her shoes on that night.

I think she was getting a bit tired at this point, but somehow she still managed to pull together a cool stripe/polka dot ensemble.

The highlight of the day is always the cake, which I miraculously bake myself. You all know I do not like to cook, but making a castle cake was really fun! We had a few tumbling turrets, but I think it turned out pretty well.

The jello moat was a big hit!

Nothing says "Happy Birthday" like a cabbage and lots and lots of icing.

 She got a little shy during the singing.

But this smile made everything worth it! 

Happy Birthday sweet girl! 


  1. Happy Birthday Little Catherine!!!

    I hope you had a GREAT day!

    What's up with the cabbage?.... :)

  2. Happy Birthday to Little Catherine. What a special day and looked so festive! I esp. liked the Santa pj's.

  3. Happy Birthday Catherine! It looks like you had a fantastic day.

  4. Happy Birthday!!! I can just tell she is a spunky lil' thing. I love her Santa jammies, too!!! Reminds me of my little girls and their fashion sense, hee hee!

  5. That girl is stylin' haha!! Happy Birthday Little Catherine!!!

  6. Happy (belated) 5th birthday Catherine!!! I absolutely LOVE birthdays in your house. I will be there for mine in December!!! :)

  7. Come on over Anne! We will make you whatever kind of cake you want!

  8. Happy Birthday Catherine!
    5 is FABULOUS!!

  9. What a fun day! The cabbage cracks me up!
    Happy 5th Birthday little Catherine.
    Three of my daughters and I just sat here admiring your castle cake. We just may try it for the next birthday in our house. :)

  10. Happy birthday Catherine! My question is did she eat the cabbage or just play with it all day?

  11. Love the cake! Great job mama!

  12. Happy Birthday Catherine, I hope she had a great day and I love the cake.

  13. Waaaaaaaaait....Catherine is only five? Somehow I feel like she should be 30 by now!!

  14. This is awesome! I think the cabbage request was coming from Catherine's Georgian heritage :-). I know of at least one Georgian cabbage recipe :-)

    And by the way, I love the name Scheherezade :-)


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