"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Good Day

Today was a day to remember. Everyone got along, no one was bickering. A miracle! The girls all got their schoolwork done early.

Anastasia made lunch for everyone. With reckless abandon I took a nap!

Victoria said two words together: "up Mom".

Francesca peed on the potty! Whoo-Hoo!!!!!! 

Since everyone had been so wonderful, I decided to treat the kids to a visit to an indoor play place. You know the kind where you jump until you throw up. The older girls were thrilled. I tend to shy away from these kinds of places because it's a little hard to lug Victoria around. She is getting really heavy. But I feel like these little surprises are the kinds of things they will really remember. 

Look at that big smile! No growling today! 

Victoria liked the trampoline, but she wouldn't sit down on it. 

Sometimes I feel bad when she can't get around and explore more. I need to figure out what kind of walker would give her more stability.

I found some blue foam in Catherine's mouth this evening. Yummy! 

Victoria thought the ball pit was some kind of horrible nightmare. 

Playing with the dried rice was more of her speed. 

Anastasia made a whole animal shelter with the stuffed animals. That girl will be a vet for sure.

More rice fun. I feel sorry for the employees that have to clean all that rice up! 

Catherine liked the rice bin a little too much.

My budding engineer! 

Francesca was very interested in food preparation. The girl likes her food and she doesn't care if it's plastic.

This was my special meal. If only I really had someone to cook fancy meals for me! 

So what else was Francesca doing? She found the object of her desire. The water fountain. She was totally thrilled that she could actually reach it on her own. I remember how thirsty she used to be in the orphanage.

This was definitely her favorite place to be! Never again will you have to be thirsty my sweetie!

Finally, we started to get tired.

Not little Catherine, of course.

We ended our fabulous day with a nutritious meal (and an interesting outfit).

Ahhhh, McDonald's! Dinner of champions. They don't call it a happy meal for nothing!

Hope everyone else had a wonderful day too!!!! 


  1. hooray for wonderful days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This was a GREAT post. The picture of the girls with their backs to the camera really shows how much they have grown. God bless.

  3. Seeing your sweet girl drinking as much water as she wanted from that water fountain, made my day!! You and your family are wonderful! God Bless!!



  4. LOL! Back when McDonalds had their 2 cheeseburger meal I use to split it with my little one (who was 3 at the time) and she called it the "sad meal" because it didn't come with a toy!

  5. Everytime I see little Francesa's fingers I am amazed and thankful to God that she was able to have the surgery.I know it was hard on all of you! My heart aches for a little guy in one of the orphanages with the same syndrome who had a family and the adoption fell through!Your girls are truly blessed!!


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