"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Sometimes I need to stop in the midst of all the busyness and realize all the amazing progress the girls are making.

Today, I told the kids to say good-bye to a friend and Victoria started waving "bye bye".

She is eating Cheerios, sort of. She puts them in her mouth, one at a time, and kind of sucks on them. I remember when she didn't even know how to pick up a Cheerio!

My grandma asked Victoria to tell her she wanted more cake and Victoria promptly signed "more", "more", "more"! She loves sweets, just like me!

She could be the next Picasso.

She isn't afraid to touch things now.

Francesca said "Dad" the other day and thrilled Travis. Now, she says it constantly. She is a people pleaser, so she will say it for everything now!

Her second favorite word is "hot". Here she is telling me the paint is very "hot".

Victoria and I will be going to Philadelphia January 9th for a consultation with a doctor at Shriner's who specializes in casting the legs of kids with Arthrogryposis. We will also see a hand doctor while we are there. We may end up having both Victoria and Francesca in casts at the same time - fun, fun!!!

I am excited about having a plan to help her walk. The doctor told me casting of the knees is very tricky. He told me about another child with Arthrogryposis, with legs like Victoria, who was casted by a pediatric orthopedist, but it was done in such a way to cause both knees to come out of joint! I whipped off her casts as fast I could! We will still go to PT and OT to help her get stronger and strengthen her muscles. I would really love for her to get strong enough to pull herself up from a laying down position to a sitting position.

It's hard to believe they haven't even been home 5 months yet!


  1. Could look at pictures of your girlies ALL day!


  2. Always a joy to see their progress!

  3. 5 Months already? Wow.. that went fast. The girls are amazing. And you're doing an incredible job with them. Love following along. Your such an inspiration to so many of us. ;o)

  4. Has Victoria tried that puffy cereal that dissolves? I think it's by G*erber.

  5. Only 5 months!! Wow!! They have made such progress in such a short time. They are looking so wonderful, I love the chub they have developed!

  6. They are doing awesome! When I saw Victoria, she looked so good! I am convinced she will walk, and talk and do all sorts of fun things! :)

  7. OH you are going to the best arthrogryposis doctor in the country. We fly from California to see him. He is amazing!!!! DO not let anyone else touch your treasures but him!!!!

  8. If you need ANYTHING while in Philly, please let me know (and not ALL Philly is as, well, it's not all like the area around Shriners. Shriner's is great, the area, notsomuch. Anyway, I'm in Philly so ANYTHING you need, just give a holler.


  9. I know I chatted with you on Facebook but I am soooooooo incredibly thrilled you're taking her to Philly! Dr van Bosse is the best of the best for arthrogryposis!


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