"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The 3 M's

I may have mentioned that I do not like early mornings.

First thing this morning, I had to drop off more of Victoria's poop samples because the doctor in the hospital, way back in June, didn't do her parasite test correctly. I sure hope they find something in there because something is not right!!

I decided to treat myself after the poop drop, being as I had lost my favorite measuring cups (ok, I really don't use the measuring cups, but still!!!) to the poop collection yesterday as well as my will to eat for the rest of the day. Collecting poop would make a great diet.

So, we went to Dunkin Doughnuts for all our favorites - muffins (pumpkin, of course!), Munchkins, and milk (chocolate, naturally).

I was so excited about going there, I may have knocked down several orange cones in a construction site on the way. Maybe some construction workers had to dodge out of the way too, but I like to think that I brought a little excitement to their day..

Because of the scary, leaking poops, I figured out a clever, if not weird, solution to keep Victoria's casts clean and dry.

Like we don't get stared at enough already.

So, that is my day so far. Please everyone, tell me about your day! I can't be the only one that has mornings like this!


  1. Well today is going pretty okay. But the other day....Well, it started out not too bad, but after the boys went down for morning nap, it all went down hill. For once I had started laundry early so all of the big peoples clothes were washed but not yet in the dryer. Since I was on a roll I thought, I'll make that grape juice for Jackson. The one made from the frozen concentrate stuff. 5 minutes later found me on my hands and knees cleaning the grape juice off my kitchen floor and cupboards and rug. Apparently I yanked a little too hard to pull the cap off. Oh, and did I mention that one of my two pair of pants was in the washer? And that the other pair got covered in grape juice? And me, being the smart lady that I am, took off the jeans right away to rinse them and soak them in Oxyclean. Because I only have two pair, can't have one of them stained up right? Well, it didn't dawn on me until after I had already started soaking them that my only other pair was clean, but not dry. So all that scrubbing I was doing in the kitchen? Yeah, it was done in my undies!! The whole time I was cleaning up the (amazingly) enormous mess one little can of grape juice concentrate made I was praying that this would not be a day that the mailman would come up our drive with a package or a day that a friend decided to suddenly stop by. Oh, and I couldn't even go to my bedroom to find any kind of bottoms to put on because the baby was in there sleeping and to turn the light on and rummage around for clothing would have woke him up. Yes, I'd rather clean my kitchen with no pants than wake up the sleeping baby!
    Well, after this I thought it couldn't get any worse. I was wrong! Jackson woke up with a NASTY diaper. Well, garlic infused beet soup will do that apparently. As I start to change him I am so thankful for the fact that the diaper held all the poop in. Wrong again. Apparently the red juice from the poop leaked out all over his jammies. So now, I had jammies and bedding to wash.
    The rest of the day wasn't much better. Both boys had a couple more blowouts and the baby threw up on every clean outfit I put on him. Not a lot, but enough to have to change him.

    Does that help you feel better? :)

    Rachel Golden

  2. So sorry for the messy poops! I'm home today watching my 3 year old son and 5 other children (ages 1 to 5). They were running wildly through the living room, but I just looked up and made them stop. One is on a new antibiotic, so her poop is a bright green and stinks!! I need to do laundry, but I'm reading your blog and avoiding it. LOL

    I guess I'll make myself get up, make lunch and start on the daily chores. :(

  3. Tomorrow I will blog about my yesterday, which turned into today.

  4. My day consisted of school calling to say one of our kids flicked food all over an unsuspecting younger student's back. This is a child we have parented for awhile who is constantly in chaos and trouble at school. Then another call that another one was puking - that child didn't mention the diarreha issue until the drive home, and the flickster kid also has a school program tonight!

  5. My kids have GI issues, so I totally understand about the horrible poops. They're even worse when potty training and you have to wash them out of underpants all the time. :( And thanks for the reminder to get the poop sample out of the freezer and take it to the lab for the next set of tests!

  6. I got to go get probed by a cardiologist and a neurologist!

    Love you, love your family!


  7. My Russian MIL and Spanish FIL showed up last night from FL, the level of noise in our house doubled (they are both 3/4th deaf). I had 1 1/2 cords of wood delivered and my 74 yo FIL stacked it all in a matter of hours (he's in better shape than most 20 yos I know). And my fat dog whose on a diet so her arthritis doesn't act up anymore is eating yard waste b/c nothing is worse than a Lab on a diet. I'm 25-26 weeks pregnant and the baby is going to come out and drop kick her 2 yo sister in the head if Lucy kicks my stomach one more time while trying to kiss me to death. I scored a dress suit for $8 at my favorite consignment shop, but they only took 2 of my 20 items I brought in to consign. We ended the day with watching "16 kids and moving in" b/c the Duggar's make me smile :)

    Why can't they just put Victoria on a course of wormer to be safe? There are many safe options.

  8. Try some of that Press and Seal wrap! That is what we used on my son's casts. He also had casts from toes to hips and explosive poops! Feeling your pain! The press and seal is like Saran wrap that is sticky on one side. Keeping you all in our prayers

    Steph and Christopher


  9. We don't deal with poop anymore.... but when we did..... I had 2 in diapers, and I was pregnant. Something happened and both of my boys were pooping several times a day with those down the leg, get in the shower poops. It went on for what seemed like weeks. The dr. declared it an allergy..... I declared it evil!
    One day, when my husband came home, I simply snapped. I took our 4 year old, handed him a box of diapers and went to Disneyland!
    When we came home, you should have seen the look on his face after changing all those diapers for a day!
    AND the poor boys had on at least 2 each. LOL

    Oh that was a LONG time ago!


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