"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rainy Monday

The weather has turned weird here. It's quite cold and very rainy. Of course, I don't have appropriate clothing.

Hello, old friend. I got a little over zealous and got way too much food!

Much to Anya's dismay, I gave Francesca a french fry! She, of course, loved it. Francesca has never met a food she doesn't like!

Anya asked Francesca which ball she wanted!

Tomorrow is supposed to be a big day. The facilitator is coming so we can go get the girls' new birth certificates. Then, we have to go to another region a few hours away because Francesca was born there. With all the bumpy roads and my weak stomach, hopefully, I won't toss my cookies in the facilitators nice car. Then, we have to apply for the passports. I am worried we won't have time to apply for them tomorrow. Since the passport office is only open two days a week, this would delay me another week and I would have to change my flight again! Then, I will really toss my cookies!!

These little boys were hanging around the gate to the orphanage. They wanted to sneak in and grab some cherries off the tree.

They asked Anya, "Will they kill us if we go in the gate?"
"No," Anya replied, "but you might get a spanking".
"We can run very fast!" the boys laughed.

This tiny house is a vet's office.

Yesterday was a holiday in the Orthodox church. Anya always wants me to have "experiences", so we went to get some flowers blessed at the church. Everyone waited patiently but me. Finally, we decided we had enough of our "experience". I figured the rain had blessed the flowers anyway!

The church was really beautiful.

It was sad to see so many beggers.

Please pray that things go well for us tomorrow!


  1. Oh you definitely have my prayers!

  2. I just love her little expression holding all those balls! LOL
    One of our daughters had webbed fingers, and Scottish Rite Hospital separated her fingers on both hands! :)
    How is Moira doing?

  3. They are both so precious. I want to just scoop them up and give them tender hugs, but I'm sure you already do that :)

    Praying for you and your little girls and your sweeties at home too.

  4. Wow....you have had such an amazing adventure over the past several weeks. I love reading your entries:)
    Have fun with Jen!!!!

  5. Keeping up the prayers that you and the girls "get out" and get home soon!



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