"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Introducing, Officially.....

Even though I can't get the girls from the orphanage yet, today is the end of our 10 day wait! So, I can reveal the big, exciting secret of their names!! I know you all are just holding your breath!

Nastya's real name is actually Anastasia. As you know, we already have an Anastasia, so we thought we'd better change it (I know we have two Catherine's, but we gotta have some creativity). So, Nastya will now be called......drum roll......cymbals clashing...(can you tell I have been by myself too long?)........

Francesca Philomena
(I just picked Francesca because I thought it was a beautiful name, but Philomena is a special saint that we have prayed to throughout this whole ordeal, hmmm, I mean "special journey")

Moira's real name is Victoria, which is a name Travis always loved, so her name will be.......

Victoria Rita
(Rita is another saint that I have prayed to many times!)

I have some exciting things to report. Today, I was actually well enough to take a shower and......shave my legs!!

I still am dreaming of things like pre-made mashed potatoes (they actually expect me to cook here!) and Kentucky Fried Chicken and Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls.

Pre-food poisoning, Anya wanted to cheer me up so she took me to her hairdresser. I was a little nervous, but I figured I could always shave my head if it turned out badly. I picked three different colors too! Then the hairdresser wanted to cut my hair. She and Anya were having a lengthy discussion in Russian, but I started yelling "Choot Choot" which means "a little bit". The entire thing only cost $25!

I think it turned out really well! No more gray!

Here I am at the restaurant that caused my demise. Little do I know what's coming. They have a dessert called "hot chocolate" which is actually melted chocolate in a cup. It was very rich and delicious, but never again!

I managed to drag myself to the orphanage yesterday. They told me Francesca was sick, again. Anya is coming with me today to find out what is going on.

I actually had a conversation in Russian with one of the orphanage caretakers.
I began with: "Prevet. Cock dil-a" (Hi, how are you?)
(keep in mind I am writing this phonetically. I have no idea how to spell anything in Russian)

The caregiver was excited to hear me say something besides my usual "spaseba" (thank you)

Then, I told her, "Ya bo-le-la". (I was sick)

Apparently, she thought that I had amazingly learned Russian because she launched into an entire paragraph of really intersting sounds, that sadly I could not respond to. But, still, we had fun and that's...

"Hara-show" (GOOD!)


  1. I am so excited to see another post! I always look forward to them :)

    Those names are beautiful, so fitting for such gorgeous little girls!

  2. beautiful names!!! Love St. Rita! Been praying to her about a special RR Dumpling.

    congrats on the smooth legs! Enjoy ;)

  3. What beautiful names for such beautiful girls!
    So glad to hear that you are feeling better, too. Shaved legs can really make a girl feel better! LOL!
    Your hair turned out super nice, too!
    Take care and I pray that you are able to bust those little loves out of that place ASAP!!!!!

  4. Congratulations! Sounds like things are going really well which is awesome! Glad you are feeling better and enjoying some special grooming :). You look great. And it's so amazing to see how the girls have changed. They look engaged and interested in the world now. That's all just such good stuff!

    (Oh, and I really like your blog header too - kids showing off their own unique personalities are the best!)

  5. Awesome names! As I type I am looking at a beautiful marble bust of St. Rita from Italy on the sideboard in my dining room!

    So glad you are feeling better...your whole ordeal is making me re-think my previous pan to bring our 2 yo with...what would I di if she got so sick/dehydrated?


  6. Beautiful names!! I have always loved the name Francesca. And may Victoria continue to overcome in all her battles!

    And yay for you overcoming food poisoning on top of everything else!

  7. Glad you are feeling better! I love the names! Francesca is a beautiful name and it fits your girl perfectly! and I know Victoria will overcome all her battles!

  8. Lovely names . . . congrats, friend!!! ;-) And I'm so glad you are starting to feel better!

  9. Love the names!! Very sweet.

    By the way, the way I phonetically spell the Russian word for good is horror-show. Your recent illness just reminded me of that. :(

  10. Beautiful names! I'm a third one with a devotion to St. Rita, praying for the same little one as Steph... Your girls have wonderful patrons!

  11. Beautiful names! So glad you're getting close to the end (and so sorry you've been sick!).

    If there is anything I can do to support you as you get home and settled please feel free to contact me. Also, please join us on the "After the Rainbow" forum on Yuku.

    Rachel Whitmire
    Post-Adoption Care Coordinator
    Reece's Rainbow Down Syndrome Adopiton Ministry

  12. Praise God that you're feeling better! Beautiful names for the two girls! :D

  13. Love St. Rita and St Philomena!!!!!! Great names :-)


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