"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, June 6, 2011


I am counting down the minutes until I get to take the girls out of the orphanage. It should be next Tuesday. The weekends are tough because they don't count as days for the 10 day wait. Time is crawling by.

This is how I am going to carry everything when I travel home with the girls. Two kids in the front, and a backpack. I feel like a pack mule.

We look at this picture everyday. It lights up and the birds sing.

I got to see Nastya's crib.

I am meeting some really wonderful people here. Anya's mom sent me some home-made poppy seed rolls! My Grandma, who is from Slovakia, used to make the same kind. They were so delicious and I almosted cried, thinking of my family.

Yesterday, I had lunch with Anya and another friend named Inna. She is an English teacher. She is so sweet.

Doesn't this look fun?

While we were having lunch, there was a tv show on exactly like the "Bachelor". I was shocked to see the the "bachelor" was someone I recognized! He is the same guy who is also on "Dancing with the Stars" at home! I think his name is Maxim.

At lunch, I thought I would be clever. I thought sugar in Russian was similiar to the Spanish word for sugar. It is not!!! In Russian, it is a very bad word! No wonder people were staring at me!

Later, we went to another English club. The game we played was all about pretending to be a machine. Our group pretended to be a camera. It was really lots of fun!

I also got to meet two Americans who are in the Peace Corp and live here! They even came to the orphanage with me. It was so weird to hear English. I am really used to just tuning out the language around me since I don't understand it. However, I am learning to read Russian much faster than I can speak it.

Can you tell I am feeling fidgety. I spiked hair Moira's hair the other day.

See the book in the background about bubbles? I am afraid that if I read it again, my head may explode!

Safe in Mommy's arms.

There are stuffed animals lurking around every corner at the orphanage. They are starting to creep me out!


  1. Oh your girls are just TOO precious Catherine!!!
    I bet their big sisters can't wait to hold them!
    I LOVE reading about all your adventures. Thanks for taking the time to post them!

  2. Catherine - I love reading your posts. I've been following your journey for some time. You have are too funny. I love your sense of humor. Your posts always make me laugh.

    Alicia (fellow RR mom in process)

  3. Stuffed animals creeping you out....funny. I feel the same way about their stuffed animals. There is just something about them. Not quite describable. :-)

    Nastya looks awesome in that bright pink...something about it!

    I love thinking or Moira having this time with you and Nastya. What a change in her world. Nothing she has probably experienced ever? Guessing Nastya has had some sort of group experience maybe. I don't know.

    I can't believe how worried you were about being lonely and not doing anything....look at you. What the heck. You're like Waldo...your everywhere in these groups of people. you're just fitting right in. You must not being wearing those white tennis shoes?!?!? :-)

    You are doing great!!!!

  4. I was thinking the same thing - you fit right in, which is so neat. I feel like people must love you instantly, and what a nice thing to know you represent other American adoptive parents. They must know your girls will always be loved well. I can't wait for you to settle back home, though, where everyone can get to know each other on your own pace. As hard as it is not to be with "your favorite husband" and best friend, it must be nice to have this enforced time alone to bond with the girls. I bet your lives are pretty busy at home, so this is a good time to get to know and feel really safe with Mommy.

  5. Waldo! hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    that's good.

    But you really do look like your having a great time!!! Good for you!!!!!!!!!

    The girls look so sweet :) I love the pink on Nastya too.

    Ah, I envy you Catherine. Soak up this time you have there..in their world...you'll think of it often.

  6. I love all the pictures. Thank you for sharing your journey. :) The girls are beautiful!

  7. I love following along with you--you look at everything with eyes of interest and humor.

    Nastya has such a twinkle in her eye! She looks like she has a fun outlook on life.

    I can see Moira engaging with the world a bit more each time!

    I hope you keep "enjoying" this odd in-between season! Seems like t's a time unlike any other--neither here nor yet there.

  8. You are doing such an amazing job making friends and lovin on your girls! You kids at home must be so proud of you ! I bet they can't wait to hug and squeeze on the girls :)
    Love the teeny steps of progress Moira is making! So proud of her !
    Hugs !!

  9. I agree with what everyone else has said....you are making the best of it...the girls look adorable and yes, I think we all agree about the stuffed animals...they are in all of the orphanages...you ARE doing great!!!!


  10. Thank you for taking us with you on your journey. Your girls are beautiful and so very loved. God bless you all as you continue on!!


  11. Aww I love the picture of you holding both girls how they both lay their heads on you! They are so adorable. You crack me up, just like everyone else. Look forward to homecoming pictures!


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