"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Moving On Up!

Sing it with me everyone, you know, the song from "The Jeffersons" (or does that show how old I am?),

"Moving on Up"
"To the top. To an apartment in the sky"

Yesterday, I moved from my fairly expensive apartment the size of a shoebox, to my friends, Jon and Jenny's apartment, which is the size of three shoeboxes. They are letting me stay here while they are on a trip. Since Travis took the suitcase, I had to pack my stuff in about a million small grocery bags. Luckily, my friend, Anya and she sweet brother, Igor, helped me. We took cab, which cost 20 rph (which is griv-na). Luckily, that is only about $2.00. Jon and Jenny live on the sixth floor, about 100 steps. Great exercise! Yep, I am trying to stay positive.
View from the window. This store is called the "Am-store". The "C" is an "S" and the "P" is a "R". Confused yet?

I also have a new roommate. He is really quiet and very easy to get along with. His name is Oliver.

Here is a mural that Igor, who is an artist, painted.

Another exciting thing happened today as well. They turned off the hot water for the entire city for a month. Well, I don't really need hot water anyway since it is 90 degrees here!

I am kind of a minor celebrity here. Anya keeps introducing me to her friends who are learning English. My job is to get them to ask me questions in English. I have been teaching them important words like "mullet", the fancy hair style which lots of boys wear here. Also, "loafers" and Anya's favorite "paraphernalia". In return, they get to repeat simple words in Russian to me over and over again, so that I can mispronounce them. I still can't say "hello" in Russian. Sad.
Don't you love his t-shirt!

We are standing in the "Nee-pra" River.

We went to the open market today and I found a special outfit for the girls to wear on the day they leave the orphanage. Nastya's outfit is the one with a bunny on it and Moira's is the dress. They wear the little overalls with feet at the orphanage.

I also got myself a t-shirt with lots of sparkles, so I look more like I am from "this country". Do you think I fit in more now? Nope, my shorts are still too long.

Nastya was sick with a fever again! I have been very worried about this, but then I observed that all the children have their temperature taken several times a day. Since it is 97,000 degrees in the orphanage, it makes sense she might have a temperature.
Very hot babies!

I think Moira is really making progress. She noticed our reflection in the mirror today. I waved my arms and she waved her arms too. I was thrilled! I know this seems like a small thing, but to see her initiate something was really exciting. Also, she has loved my sunglasses from the very beginning, but mostly she would just turn them over and over in her hand. Today, she was trying to peer through them!

Travis made it home safely, but our van battery died in my mom's driveway. Never a dull moment. I am really hoping someone will make me some brownies (which they don't have here!) and some tacos when I get home! Also, maybe some waffles and french toast.

I love the juices here. They have blueberry, mango, banana, pomegranate and many more. Very delicious! After going to five stores, I managed to find a stroller that wasn't too expensive. Who thought that would be so hard to find!

This is "Chill-an-tanos". A very popular restaurant named after the actor in the middle.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I could stare at the pics all day and pretend I'm there!

    So....do you think that guy even knows what his shirt says?? Being it's in English....I thought it was odd at all the signs and such in English when they don't even know what it means...Like the coffee shop next to us..it was called Coffee Life and it had English writing all over the walls inside...WHY??? Kind of odd to me.

    Enjoy these last few days there my friend....you will cherish the memories!

    I'm so glad you made friends there :)

  2. Your shorts comment cracked me up! I remember when we were in Ukraine, a lady in a store showed me a pair of mother/daughter HOT PANTS....I declined and she looked at me like, "what is wrong with you, these are perfect! LOL
    SO glad Moira is starting to show progression!

  3. love to know you have moved and have a roommate:) taht way you won't be lonely :) I hope he doesn't hog the sheets :)
    I loved the juice too!! especially cold :)
    Love to see Moira opening up, she has SO much love to give inside of her. Hope Nastya feels better soon. hugs!!

  4. What a great post! I'm glad to hear Moira is sparking up a bit. I prayed HARD a few posts ago when it seemed both children weren't doing so well. I wish we were neighbors. I'd have you all over for brownies AND tacos!
    Praying You All Safely Home,

  5. awww i love your new roommate :D

  6. Catherine your trip is going great! I love your outlook and I love your stories somuch! Thank you for sharing them. I am so happy to hear about Moira making progress-- I just trusted God that she would. :)

  7. You have such a good attitude and I just laugh and laugh at your stories. So many people are praying for you and your family. Hang in there!

  8. Thanks for sharing - and SO cool to see that Moira is opening up and showing her true potential !!

  9. OH...getting closer!!! Love hearing that Moira is opening up a little bit. "Slow and steady wins the race!" right? Three shoe boxes is pretty big. Whatever will you do by yourself? Oh wait, you have a room mate now. YAY!

  10. Yes, your positive attitude is showing through. :) Just a little bit longer.

  11. just dont talk about preservatifs. in court I said we dont eat fast food and prepackaged foods because we dont like food with all those preservatives in them. then when the courtroom tittered I quickly said CHEMICALS! we dont like the CHEMICALS. ask your friend what preservatifs are lol so glad to see baby is perking up a little. celebrate every milestone no matter how tiny. I still believe she will blossom once she gets home and learns that love is unconditional and food is ever coming.


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