"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are small matters
compared to what lies within us."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Costume Conundrum

I finally know what I am going dressed as for Halloween: a wild eyed mom, who is twitching erratically while shoving Hershey's bars into every orifice. Trying to find the perfect costume for my precious little angels may turn me into a zombie. We trekked to three different stores in search of a leopard costume. You would think that wouldn't be too difficult, right? Wrong-o! The only leopard costumes they had were a tad lascivious for a nine year old. I didn't know leopards even wore fish net stockings! Jeez. 

So, finally I ordered online a fabulous leopard costume, complete with a feathered neckline (cause leopards in the wild love accessorizing ). Anastasia dashed hopefully to the mailbox for weeks. The anticipation was equivalent to Christmas morning. Finally, the coveted prize arrived. We all waited anxiously outside the bathroom door while the lucky costume recipient transformed herself into a leopard. 

Then, we heard little sobs. Uh-oh. I sensed trouble (I am really intuitive that way). She must have grown several inches in the weeks that it took for the costume to arrive because, the costume was several inches too small. Nooooooo!!!! 

Somehow, Anastasia has gotten my gene for being very particular about certain items. I remember when I was a kid, my mom finally had to take me out of ice skating class because I spent more time trying to get my skates to be tight enough than I actually did on the ice. And don't even get me started on jeans. I remember actually crying when I couldn't find jeans that fit a certain way. 


Thank goodness, little Catherine is being easy to please. My friend sent her this outfit and she decided that it was a tiger costume. I can totally see it, can't you?
Don't you just love Francesca in the background, shoveling food in?!

Francesca is going as an Indian princess, known by the name of "Little No Pants".

Victoria wants to be a polka dot, which is one of her favorite words. 

When Isabella brought this random piece of cloth to me and asked if I could transform it into a water fairy, I wanted to cry. Can't she just go as a blue ghost or something?

I am really appreciating my son, who doesn't care about costumes and doesn't even mind if I just toss a couple of Snickers bars at him.  But, as Anastasia wisely told me today, "it's all about the journey, Mom." Yea, the journey to insanity.

Lucky for me, Anastasia has decided to be flexible and decided she will deign to wear a bird costume. Like that's going to be really easy to find! I swear, I may just duct tape feathers all over her. 

Pray for me. 


  1. Well, I can't begin to help with the water fairy but maybe some ideas for a bird here?


  2. Put a hole in the middle. Stick head through. Tie a blue scarf around the waist.
    Add some dollar store wings--she wears them over fabric, or, cut a hole in the back for them to go through.
    Have her cut out fish and other water shapes. Glue them on the fabric.
    If she wants something more complicated, she can do it herself.

    Good luck....

  3. I live the polka dot! My son LOVES police so is a policeman every year so far, and a soldier. Halloween he's police, zoo boo he's been soldier. This year he is police for main, knight for school (put him in a Waldorf school--more his style so learning lots about knights and dragons). My older boy always wanted something with face paint. Once my little brother wanted to be a 'pustule': i kid you not. He wore a garbage bag cut out with leg and arm holes and stuffed with clothes to make it squishy. Poor Anastasia...that was me: it had to be just so or I wouldn't wear it.

  4. Ok, I didn't know where to share this so you don't have to post if you don't want BUT you know that list of 13 kids or so I would adopt from Reece's Rainbow and my bemoaning that none of them every seem to get adopted! Well. So many are getting adopted lately! Only 6 are left on my LIST: the older kids like William, Ewan, Sergei (who is pretty much fully funded) from region 9 and a couple of others! I know I didn't do much to help except pray and wish but I feel so giddy and as if I made a difference today!! Since I don't have a blog and didn't adopt through Reece's Rainbow I just felt like sharing with you because I feel like you would get 'it'....I'm not really a gushy person but just feel so giddy and happy now.

  5. Oh no!!! You should have told me, would have sewn the girls some AWESOME costumes!!! They'll be cute no matter what, and all that matters in the end is the stash. :D

  6. Well, I might have an idea for the fairy costume. Google no sew tutu diy, you will find many tutorials. Don't worry, all you need is the ability to tie knots, very simple ones. That could be a project for Isabella. Complete her costume with a blue tshirt and wings from the dollar store.


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